Premiere Pro Guru: LUTs and Look Files

Premiere Pro Guru: LUTs and Look Files

Premiere Pro Guru: LUTs and Look Files is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the creator, Richard Harrington. This course is a critical step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Color Correction, Photography, Video, Premiere Pro, Color Correction, Photography, Video and Premiere Pro.

Free Download - Premiere Pro Guru: LUTs and Look Files
Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 8/19/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 30m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 24
Last Update N/A

Lookup tables (LUTs) and look files provide precise formulas for color correction. You can recover details, shadows, and highlights and match specific color spaces, and easily share settings with colleagues. So how do LUTs and looks complement your workflow? In this course, author Richard Harrington walks you through what LUTs and looks are, how they save time, how they make collaboration with others easier, and how to use them in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to apply corrective and creative color corrections, build your own custom LUTs, and share LUTs between other Creative Cloud applications and third-party software. Rich also shows how to manage LUTs in Premiere Pro and exchange LUTs with After Effects.

Topics include:

  • What is a lookup table?
  • Applying corrective LUTs
  • Applying LUTs for style
  • Creating custom LUTs
  • Working with LUTs in cross-application workflows
  • Managing your LUT library and presets

Premiere Pro Guru: LUTs and Look Files : Video Lessons

  • What you’ll learn in this course1m 22s
  • Who this course is ideal for1m 6s
  • Exercise files50s
  • What is a lookup table?1m 52s
  • What is a look file?1m 13s
  • Converting between formats2m 26s
  • Using camera LUTs6m 14s
  • Using a style LUT4m 15s
  • Applying camera-based, corrective LUTs4m 27s
  • Normalizing the exposure and color3m 43s
  • Applying LUTs for style and simulation4m 46s
  • Working with a colorist4m 24s
  • Applying LUTs on export3m 50s
  • Building a corrective LUT in Premiere Pro6m 36s
  • Building a style LUT in Premiere Pro5m 26s
  • Building a LUT in Photoshop5m 14s
  • Creating a LUT with Adobe Capture5m 10s
  • Receiving LUTs from other collaborators5m 34s
  • Modifying a LUT with third-party software6m 30s
  • Using the Libraries panel4m 11s
  • Adding custom presets6m 30s
  • Exchanging footage and LUTs with After Effects4m 1s
  • Goodbye1m 6s

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