Premiere Pro: Color Correction and Enhancement

Premiere Pro: Color Correction and Enhancement

Premiere Pro: Color Correction and Enhancement is an Intermediate level course on Photography, created by an expert, Jeff Sengstack. This course is a critical foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Color Correction, Photography, Video, Premiere Pro, Color Correction, Photography, Video and Premiere Pro.

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Author Jeff Sengstack
Publish Date 8/17/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 5h 6m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 49
Last Update N/A

Streamline your color-correction workflow and learn practical methods for improving the color and tonality of footage in post-production. Adobe Certified Instructor Jeff Sengstack details basic color-correction concepts, addresses colorcasts and exposure errors, and shows how to match color among multiple clips. The course also covers secondary correction techniques, such as limiting tonality and color modifications to specific portions of a clip with track mattes, and shows how to create stylized looks by tinting footage, incorporating gradients and vignettes, and using the Magic Bullet Looks plug-in.

Topics include:

  • Touring the vectorscope, YC waveform, RGB parade, and YCbCr scopes
  • Analyzing clips for color and tonality issues
  • Adjusting tonality with RGB Curves and levels-style controls
  • Making specialized tonality edits
  • Adjusting color channels using RGB Corrector
  • Animating track mattes
  • Compensating for changing lighting conditions within clips
  • Isolating and changing a single color
  • Creating film-like looks
  • Working with third-party plug-ins

Premiere Pro: Color Correction and Enhancement : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 9s
  • Using the exercise files30s
  • Understanding color correction concepts1m 33s
  • Presenting the Premiere Pro color correction workflow5m 14s
  • Getting it right in the field7m 16s
  • Setting up a color correction workspace4m 54s
  • Understanding scopes and industry standards2m 15s
  • Using the Vectorscope7m 36s
  • Using the Waveform monitor7m 21s
  • Using the RGB Parade scope4m 52s
  • Using the YCbCr Parade scope2m 4s
  • Previewing color correction effects4m 49s
  • Reviewing recommended color correction effects7m 19s
  • Putting recommended effects in a custom folder2m 21s
  • Understanding why to adjust tonality3m 57s
  • Analyzing clips for tonality issues7m 35s
  • Adjusting tonality with levels-style controls12m 6s
  • Adjusting tonality using RGB Curves7m 2s
  • Fixing overexposed and underexposed clips13m 9s
  • Making some specialized tonality edits11m 26s
  • Understanding how Premiere Pro handles color data4m 21s
  • Analyzing clips for color issues9m 12s
  • Presenting some color concepts4m 58s
  • Adjusting color channels using RGB Color Corrector and RGB Curves effects6m 15s
  • Getting a grip on the color wheel10m 5s
  • Fixing color cast, skin tone, and other color issues14m 28s
  • Understanding secondary color correction concepts8m 18s
  • Using tonality range controls7m 16s
  • Using secondary color correction properties within video effects15m 17s
  • Using the Track Matte Key effect9m 15s
  • Animating track mattes8m 12s
  • Compensating for changing lighting conditions within clips7m 31s
  • Reviewing the workflow to match tonality and color in multiple clips1m 19s
  • Matching tonality in multiple clips7m 39s
  • Matching color in multiple clips7m 3s
  • Isolating a single color with the Leave Color effect5m 29s
  • Changing a single color: Three approaches9m 3s
  • Tinting clips8m 32s
  • Checking out three cross process effects5m 38s
  • Using gradients, vignettes, and other shapes10m 58s
  • Creating film-like looks13m 56s
  • Working with Magic Bullet Looks5m 9s
  • Testing Color Finesse in After Effects5m 57s
  • Working with Magic Bullet Colorista in Premiere Pro6m 1s
  • Goodbye15s

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