Portrait Photography: Business Portraits

Portrait Photography: Business Portraits

Portrait Photography: Business Portraits is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, crafted by the creator, Robert Vanelli. This course is an essential base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Photography, Portraits, Lighting, Video, Photoshop, 3D + Animation, Photography, Portraits, Lighting, Video and Photoshop.

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Author Robert Vanelli
Publish Date 12/21/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 59m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 43
Last Update 4/11/2016

From lighting to posing to post-processing, learn how to create business portraits with a modern, professional look. This course focuses on how to light, shoot, and edit corporate portraits—both traditional headshots and environment portraits—for a single client or an entire office. Robert Vanelli goes through scouting locations and choosing the right environment for a client, building a portable studio, and using lighting and posing techniques that start with just one light. He also covers editing portraits in Lightroom, making adjustments that retain the subject’s character while smoothing away minor flaws. Using these tips, you’ll be able to produce professional portraits that help your clients convey a sense of trust, confidence, and personality.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a backdrop
  • Scouting locations
  • Lighting for corporate headshots and environmental portraits
  • Establishing rapport with clients
  • Creating a sense of power through posing
  • Editing portraits with Lightroom
  • Cataloging and organizing images

Portrait Photography: Business Portraits : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 9s
  • What you should know before watching this course31s
  • Using the exercise files14s
  • Choosing a backdrop51s
  • When to use studio strobe lighting1m 45s
  • When to use compact speedlights1m 28s
  • Modifying light1m 3s
  • When to use continuous lighting1m 20s
  • Scouting locations2m 24s
  • Dealing with small spaces1m 8s
  • Shooting a portrait with a cross-light setup4m 31s
  • Using a lightmeter2m 37s
  • Shooting on a tripod or off2m 31s
  • Using a stand-in to test lighting1m 40s
  • Establishing rapport5m 34s
  • Using light makeup1m 6s
  • Testing the lighting and making adjustments2m 16s
  • Working with the subject4m 58s
  • What makes an awesome shot1m 47s
  • Choosing a location2m 17s
  • Working with existing light and building a lighting setup1m 22s
  • Setting white balance and color calibration1m 4s
  • Working with a subject for an environmental portrait3m 35s
  • Importing into Lightroom and adding metadata from the shoot4m 10s
  • Grouping and making selects4m 4s
  • Applying a develop preset6m 25s
  • Making a gallery for client review2m 37s
  • Choosing the best shot2m 6s
  • Cropping for impact and multiple versions4m 45s
  • Post-processing eyes5m 25s
  • Improving skin and fixing blemishes6m 17s
  • Improving teeth3m 6s
  • Sculpting the face with dodging and burning2m 29s
  • Adding lighting effects2m 36s
  • Adding vignettes for style3m 10s
  • What is a social media headshot?1m 42s
  • How to light this shot with minimal gear2m
  • How to work with the subject2m 14s
  • When to jump to Photoshop4m 53s
  • Fine-tuning the background9m 40s
  • Advanced skin retouching3m 32s
  • Sending images back to Lightroom28s
  • Next steps42s

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