Photoshop Restoration: Scanning Oversized Photos

Photoshop Restoration: Scanning Oversized Photos

Photoshop Restoration: Scanning Oversized Photos is an Advanced level study on Photography, produced by the creator, Neil Rhodes. This study is an important base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Restoration, Photoshop, Photography, Restoration and Photoshop.

Free Download - Photoshop Restoration: Scanning Oversized Photos
Author Neil Rhodes
Publish Date 8/26/2016
Skill Advanced
Duration 51m 45s
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 15
Last Update N/A

Oversized prints present a unique challenge when it comes to photo restoration: They don’t fit most home scanners. By scanning the photo in two or more passes and stitching the image back together, you can create a composite that accurately captures the dimensions of the original photograph. In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to evaluate an oversized photo, scan it in sections, and merge the resulting images with Photoshop’s Photo Merge command. He then shows how to repair areas of damage, retouch any seams and tonal differences, and sharpen the final composite.

Photoshop Restoration: Scanning Oversized Photos : Video Lessons

  • Welcome44s
  • What you should know before watching27s
  • How to use the exercise files22s
  • Evaluating an oversized photo for scanning2m 37s
  • Scanning an oversize image in two, or more, passes8m 27s
  • Stitch the image using Photo Merge3m 45s
  • Repair damage to the scanned image12m 43s
  • Restore the photo border11m 3s
  • Final touches: Retouch, balance tones, sharpen, and merge10m 46s
  • Next steps51s

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