Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals

Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals

Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the author, Deke McClelland. This course is an absolute foundation for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Masking + Compositing, Photography, Photoshop, Masking + Compositing, Photography and Photoshop.

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Author Deke McClelland
Publish Date 11/4/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 11h 35m
Topic Masking + Compositing
Video Tutorials 139
Last Update N/A

Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals is the introductory installment of Deke McClelland’s four-part series on making photorealistic compositions in Photoshop. The course shows how to make selections, refine the selections with masks, and then combine them in new ways, using layer effects, blend modes, and other techniques to create a single seamless piece of artwork. Deke introduces the Channels panel and the alpha channel, the key to masking and transparency in Photoshop; reviews the selection tools, including the Color Range tool , Quick Mask mode, and the Refine Edge command; and shows how to blend masked images so they interact naturally.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a workspace
  • Working with the seven key selection tools
  • Using the Color Range command
  • Automating masking
  • Matching a scene with Smart Filters
  • Choosing the ideal base channel
  • Converting a channel to a mask
  • Painting with the Overlay and Soft Light modes
  • Using History to regain a lost mask
  • Working with the Calculations command
  • Extracting a mask from a Smart Object
  • Masking and compositing light
  • Masking with black and white
  • Working with path outlines
  • Combining pixel and vector masks
  • Creating and feathering a vector mask

Photoshop Masking and Compositing: Fundamentals : Video Lessons

  • Loading my custom dekeKeys shortcuts3m 45s
  • Adjusting the color settings4m 29s
  • Setting up a power workspace5m 59s
  • Welcome1m 8s
  • The Masks and Channels panels4m 48s
  • How color channels work7m 7s
  • Viewing channels in color3m 24s
  • How RGB works4m 12s
  • Single-channel grayscale5m 12s
  • Mixing a custom "fourth" channel5m 15s
  • The other three-channel mode: Lab5m 45s
  • A practical application of Lab4m 55s
  • The final color mode: CMYK7m 6s
  • Introducing the Multichannel mode5m 56s
  • Creating a unique multichannel effect5m 18s
  • The channel is the origin of masking1m 54s
  • The origins of the alpha channel3m 40s
  • How a mask works7m 10s
  • Making an alpha channel4m 2s
  • Using the new channel icons6m 27s
  • Saving an image with alpha channels4m 23s
  • Loading a selection from a channel4m 7s
  • Putting a mask into play3m 55s
  • Loading a selection from a layer4m 27s
  • Loading a selection from another image4m 36s
  • The alpha channel is home to the mask1m 40s
  • Viewing a mask as a rubylith overlay6m 13s
  • Changing a mask's overlay color5m 34s
  • Painting inside a mask6m 3s
  • Cleaning up and confirming5m 18s
  • Combining masks5m 10s
  • Painting behind and inside a layer5m 27s
  • Blending image elements6m 1s
  • What to do when layers go wrong6m 3s
  • Hiding layer effects with a mask4m 22s
  • Introducing clipping masks5m 29s
  • Unclipping and masking a shadow3m 50s
  • The mask meets the composition1m 8s
  • The marquee tools6m 31s
  • The single-pixel tools (plus tool tricks)6m 48s
  • Turning a destructive edit into a layer5m 34s
  • Making shapes of specific sizes7m 7s
  • The lasso tools5m 49s
  • Working with the Magnetic Lasso tool7m 19s
  • The Quick Selection tool8m 13s
  • Combining Quick Selection and Smudge4m 52s
  • The Magic Wand and the Tolerance value6m 55s
  • Contiguous and Anti-aliased selections6m 58s
  • Making a good selection with the Magic Wand6m 34s
  • Selecting and replacing a background6m 55s
  • Resolving edges with layer effects7m 52s
  • Adding lines of brilliant gold type7m 28s
  • The seven selection soldiers52s
  • Introducing "selection calculations"4m 19s
  • Combining two different tools7m 29s
  • Selections and transparency masks5m 17s
  • Selecting an eye7m 1s
  • Masking and blending a texture into skin5m 1s
  • Painting a texture into an eye4m 19s
  • Combining layers, masks, channels, and paths4m 54s
  • Moving selection outlines vs. selected pixels5m 36s
  • Transforming and warping a selection outline7m 45s
  • Pasting an image inside a selection7m 26s
  • Adding volumetric shadows and highlights6m 54s
  • Converting an image into a mask4m 42s
  • Selections reign supreme56s
  • Introducing the Color Range command5m 59s
  • Working in the Color Range dialog box7m 7s
  • Primary colors and luminance ranges4m 12s
  • A terrific use for Color Range4m 57s
  • Introducing the Quick Mask mode7m 43s
  • Moving a selection into a new background5m 43s
  • Smoothing the mask, recreating the corners8m 43s
  • Integrating foreground and background4m 44s
  • Creating a cast shadow from a layer2m 51s
  • Releasing and masking layer effects3m 11s
  • Creating a synthetic rainbow effect4m 30s
  • Masking and compositing your rainbow4m 46s
  • The best selection tools are commands1m 5s
  • Introducing the Refine Mask command6m 58s
  • Automated edge detection8m 23s
  • Turning garbage into gold6m 19s
  • Starting with an accurate selection7m 11s
  • Selection outline in, layer mask out7m 48s
  • Matching a scene with Smart Filters4m 29s
  • Cooling a face, reflecting inside eyes4m 45s
  • Creating a layer of ghoulish skin4m 28s
  • Adding dark circles around the eyes5m 20s
  • Creating a fake blood effect5m 38s
  • Establishing trails of blood7m 40s
  • Integrating the blood into the scene7m 3s
  • The ultimate in masking automation1m 6s
  • Choosing the ideal base channel5m 7s
  • Converting a channel into a mask6m 34s
  • Painting with the Overlay mode7m 27s
  • Painting with the Soft Light mode5m 55s
  • Mask, composite, refine, and blend4m 40s
  • Creating a more aggressive mask7m 2s
  • Blending differently masked layers7m
  • Creating a hair-only mask6m
  • Using history to regain a lost mask3m 42s
  • Separating flesh tones from hair8m 28s
  • Adjusting a model's color temperature4m 30s
  • Introducing the Calculations command7m 22s
  • Extracting a mask from a Smart Object6m 34s
  • Integrating a bird into a new sky5m 40s
  • Creating synthetic rays of light6m 4s
  • Masking and compositing light7m 39s
  • Introducing a brilliant light source7m 5s
  • Using the image to select itself1m 37s
  • White reveals, black conceals6m 45s
  • Layer masking tips and tricks5m 8s
  • Generating a layer mask with Color Range5m 38s
  • The Masks panel's bad options5m 18s
  • The Masks panel's good options3m 50s
  • Creating and feathering a vector mask3m 42s
  • Combining pixel and vector masks3m 50s
  • Working with path outlines7m 10s
  • Combining paths into a single vector mask7m 52s
  • Sharpening detail, reducing color noise4m 27s
  • Recreating missing details8m 49s
  • Masking glass5m 50s
  • Refining a jagged Magic Wand mask5m 53s
  • Masking multiple layers at one time5m 15s
  • Establishing a knockout layer6m 6s
  • Clipping and compositing tricks7m 37s
  • The synthesis of masking and compositing1m 36s
  • Next steps1m 17s

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