Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects

Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects

Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, created by the creator, Chris Orwig. This course is an absolute step for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation skills. It gives you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video, Photoshop, 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video and Photoshop.

Free Download - Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects
Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 12/17/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 35m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 48
Last Update N/A

Lighting is central to photography and most of it is captured during a photo shoot. However, you can often create amazing lighting effects after the photo is taken with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Photographer and teacher Chris Orwig shows you how. First, you’ll learn to modify exposure and enhance the color and quality of light with Camera Raw. Then turning to Photoshop, Chris shows how to mask corrections to a specific area of an image and add contrast and color with blending modes. Plus, learn to dodge and burn away shadows and add one or more light sources to your photos with the Lighting Effects filter.

Topics include:

  • Creating a more expressive photograph with Camera Raw
  • Correcting under- and overexposure
  • Improving light in certain areas of an image with masks and the Radial Filter
  • Painting in brightness with Curves and masking
  • Correcting exposure with a gradient mask
  • Brightening and darkening with blend modes
  • Working with the Burn and Dodge tools
  • Adding light and multiple colors with the Lighting Effects filter
  • Creating a realistic glow

Photoshop for Photographers: Lighting Effects : Video Lessons

  • Welcome51s
  • Using the exercise files40s
  • Using the Basic panel to change the lighting5m 28s
  • Creating a more expressive photograph with Camera Raw4m 24s
  • Correcting under- and overexposure5m 1s
  • Improving the color of light on a group of photos5m 6s
  • Enhancing the quality and color of light4m 35s
  • Using the Radial filter to improve light in certain areas4m 4s
  • Improving larger areas with the Gradient tool5m
  • Changing the quantity and quality of light with adjustments7m 2s
  • Using multiple adjustment to improve light and color4m 30s
  • Using the Targeted Adjustment tool in Curves1m 58s
  • Improving the color of light3m 19s
  • Using the Shadows and Highlights controls5m 33s
  • Painting in brightness with curves and masking5m 36s
  • Fine-tuning the mask with the Density and Feather controls7m 39s
  • Adding light with an elliptical selection, a mask, and an adjustment layer3m 56s
  • Darkening the sky with Quick Select and Curves6m 33s
  • Using gradient masks to improve large areas of your photo5m 40s
  • Correcting exposure with a gradient mask2m 37s
  • Improving a portrait with curves and masks4m 12s
  • Speeding up your workflow by using a mask on two layers4m 43s
  • Increasing visual interest with Soft Light blending3m 6s
  • Soft Light blending: Recovering detail4m
  • Fine-tuning Soft Light blending with advanced Curves adjustments4m 55s
  • Using Screen blending to fix underexposure3m
  • Brightening with blending modes and masking3m 49s
  • Using Multiply blending to fix overexposure5m 31s
  • Combining techniques to achieve the best results3m 37s
  • Changing brightness with Luminosity blending3m 29s
  • Working with the Burn and Dodge tools7m 54s
  • Brightening by painting on a new layer4m 52s
  • Darkening by painting on a new layer5m 8s
  • Using a Solid Color adjustment layer to burn and dodge6m 46s
  • Improving a portrait by brightening shadows5m 5s
  • Burning and dodging by painting with color7m 19s
  • Darkening the background and fine-tuning the color in Photoshop5m 50s
  • Introducing Lighting Effects8m 7s
  • Working with Smart Objects5m 7s
  • Adding light and color3m 39s
  • Using multiple lights with one photograph5m 52s
  • Adding light and multiple colors for a creative effect5m 42s
  • Creating an edgy, illuminated look5m 32s
  • Using Lighting Effects to create a surreal effect7m 48s
  • Next steps36s

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