Photoshop Elements 14 Essential Training

Photoshop Elements 14 Essential Training

Photoshop Elements 14 Essential Training is an Beginner level course on Photography, compiled by an expert, Jan Kabili. This course is an essential step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Photo Management, Photography, Printing Photos, Raw Processing, Sharing Photos, Photoshop Elements, Photo Management, Photography, Printing Photos, Raw Processing, Sharing Photos and Photoshop Elements.

Free Download - Photoshop Elements 14 Essential Training
Author Jan Kabili
Publish Date 9/25/2015
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 7m
Topic Photo Management
Video Tutorials 58
Last Update N/A

Get to know the powerful photo organizing, editing, and sharing features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 14, the complete solution for casual photographers who want to achieve professional results. Elements expert Jan Kabili first shows how to import photos into the Organizer. She then explains how and when to use each of the editing workspaces: Quick Fix, Guided Edit, and Expert Edit. Using Quick Fix, she shows how to crop and straighten photos, correct lighting and color, and apply effects. She also uses the Expert Edit workspace to build a layered file and create composites. Finally, Jan returns to the Organizer, showing how to find and tag photos; organize them by people, places, and events; and share them via email and social media.

Topics include:

  • Importing photos selectively and in bulk
  • Cropping photos
  • Adjusting lighting and color
  • Correcting red-eye and pet-eye quickly
  • Resizing photos in Guided Edit
  • Merging a panorama
  • Building a layered file in Expert Edit
  • Making selections in Expert Edit
  • Organizing photos by people, places, and events
  • Exporting photos
  • Sharing photos via email and social media

Photoshop Elements 14 Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome59s
  • Launching the Welcome screen1m 4s
  • Making a catalog for the exercise files4m 8s
  • Importing and using the exercise files4m 47s
  • Overview of Elements workspaces14m 16s
  • Bulk importing photos6m 19s
  • Selectively importing existing photos4m 41s
  • Importing photos from a camera5m 41s
  • Accessing imported photos in the Organizer6m 59s
  • Working in Quick Edit10m 55s
  • Cropping photos4m 50s
  • Straightening photos2m 56s
  • Adjusting lighting3m 8s
  • Adjusting color2m 59s
  • Fixing selected areas4m 52s
  • Applying effects and smart looks2m 49s
  • Adding textures and frames2m 19s
  • Fixing red-eye and pet-eye in Quick Edit2m 27s
  • Working in Guided Edit7m 23s
  • Resizing photos8m 42s
  • Creating a Photomerge Panorama8m 4s
  • Overview of the Expert Edit workspace7m 2s
  • Introducing layers1m 39s
  • Building a layered file9m 4s
  • Combining photos on layers9m 27s
  • Working with selections7m 46s
  • Using the selection tools9m 20s
  • Fine-tuning a selection with the Refine Selection Brush tool5m 31s
  • Compositing with layer masks and selections10m 34s
  • Adding text6m 37s
  • Adding graphics and effects4m 47s
  • Correcting nondestructively with adjustment layers9m 2s
  • Removing unwanted content6m 25s
  • Retouching portraits4m 42s
  • Reducing haze3m 3s
  • Reducing camera shake6m 17s
  • Sharpening5m 53s
  • Displaying filenames and photo information3m 9s
  • Changing photo dates2m 2s
  • Renaming files the right way3m 59s
  • Moving files the right way2m 57s
  • Reconnecting missing photos3m 41s
  • Safely removing photos from the catalog2m 37s
  • Ranking photos with star ratings4m 8s
  • Grouping photos into Albums3m 33s
  • Creating keywords8m 13s
  • Applying keyword tags6m 7s
  • Searching by keywords4m 24s
  • Identifying faces in the People room11m 59s
  • Marking faces in the Media room2m 16s
  • Finding photos by people5m
  • Organizing photos by events6m 27s
  • Finding photos by events4m 13s
  • Organizing photos by places5m 46s
  • Exporting photos from the Organizer3m 33s
  • Sending photos by email3m 42s
  • Sharing photos to social media1m 36s
  • Goodbye27s

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