Photoshop Elements 11 Essential Training: 3 Sharing & Printing Photos

Photoshop Elements 11 Essential Training: 3 Sharing & Printing Photos

Photoshop Elements 11 Essential Training: 3 Sharing & Printing Photos is an Beginner level tutorial on Photography, crafted by the creator, Jan Kabili. This tutorial is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography, Printing Photos, Sharing Photos, Photoshop Elements, Photography, Printing Photos, Sharing Photos and Photoshop Elements.

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Author Jan Kabili
Publish Date 1/23/2013
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 28m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 31
Last Update N/A

Photos deserve to be seen, and in this course, author Jan Kabili details the features that Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 provides for printing photos, emailing them, and sharing both photos and videos online.

Jan explores online sharing features of Photoshop Elements 11: emailing photos, sharing them on Facebook and Flickr, and uploading video clips on YouTube, Vimeo, and the Adobe Photoshop Showcase service. The course also offers some advanced tips on preparing photos for publishing on the web and for exporting photos in various formats and sizes. The course wraps with a look at printing photos on both Windows and Mac OS computers, and ordering prints through Photoshop Elements 11.

Topics include:

  • Creating a contact book
  • Emailing photos and PDF slideshows
  • Sharing photos on Facebook, Flickr, and SmugMug
  • Sharing videos
  • Creating interactive albums
  • Exporting albums to a drive or disk
  • Preparing photos for print
  • Watermarking photos
  • Printing on Mac and Windows

Photoshop Elements 11 Essential Training: 3 Sharing & Printing Photos : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • Using the exercise files5m 51s
  • Creating a contact book2m 28s
  • Sharing photos as email attachments4m 16s
  • Embedding photos in Photo Mail (Windows only)5m 3s
  • Sharing PDF slideshows via email4m 9s
  • Sharing photos on Facebook4m 15s
  • Sharing photos on Flickr4m 10s
  • Sharing photos on SmugMug5m 16s
  • Sharing videos on YouTube3m 11s
  • Sharing videos on Vimeo3m 17s
  • Sharing photos among devices with Adobe Revel3m 32s
  • Creating albums3m 51s
  • Sharing albums on Photoshop Showcase7m 6s
  • Exporting albums to a drive or disc4m 22s
  • Setting image size and resolution for print8m 8s
  • Setting image size for online sharing2m 52s
  • Processing multiple photos4m 46s
  • Watermarking photos4m 1s
  • Creating a color-managed environment8m 47s
  • Desktop photo printing from the Editor on Windows12m 38s
  • Desktop photo printing from the Organizer on Windows3m 5s
  • Desktop photo printing on a Mac9m 43s
  • Printing contact sheets on Windows2m 49s
  • Printing contact sheets on Macs4m 45s
  • Printing picture packages on Windows3m 59s
  • Printing picture packages on Macs5m 34s
  • Ordering commercially printed photos1m 2s
  • Optimizing photos with Save for Web8m 57s
  • Exporting photos from the Organizer4m 51s
  • Next steps33s

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