Photoshop: Editing Video and Creating Slideshows

Photoshop: Editing Video and Creating Slideshows

Photoshop: Editing Video and Creating Slideshows is an Intermediate level course on Photography, created by an expert, Richard Harrington. This course is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on DSLR Video, Photography, Video, Video Editing, Photoshop, DSLR Video, Photography, Video, Video Editing and Photoshop.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 12/7/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 2m
Topic DSLR Video
Video Tutorials 56
Last Update N/A

If Photoshop is the center of your creative world, it’s a good choice when you need to edit video. In this course, Rich Harrington reveals how the powerful image-editing tools in Photoshop CC translate to video and shows how to transform a selection of clips into a polished movie. He walks through a real-world project from start to finish, illustrating the basic technical skills that will help you edit raw clips into cohesive stories. Learn how to import and organize footage, build sequences in the Timeline, fix color and exposure issues, add overlays and transitions, adjust volume, and publish your finished project in the right formats for web and social media. Plus, find out how to create animated slideshows from still images using a similar Timeline-based workflow.

Topics include:

  • Video formats supported in Photoshop
  • Organizing media
  • Controlling playback in the Photoshop Timeline
  • Organizing assets
  • Building a sequence
  • Adding transitions and effects
  • Working with audio
  • Fixing exposure
  • Color balancing a shot
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Adding text and graphics
  • Building a slideshow
  • Exporting to H.264, QuickTime, and DPX

Photoshop: Editing Video and Creating Slideshows : Video Lessons

  • Course overview2m 47s
  • What you should know before watching this course1m 3s
  • Using the exercise files46s
  • Making sure your computer is ready for motion3m 58s
  • The Motion workspace2m 16s
  • Supported file formats for editing1m 47s
  • Transferring footage to an edit-ready hard drive1m 57s
  • Organizing media on your drive2m 4s
  • An overview of the Timeline panel3m 56s
  • Controlling playback in the Photoshop timeline2m 52s
  • Viewing options in the timeline3m 27s
  • Enable timeline shortcut keys2m 49s
  • Adjusting performance for better playback3m 46s
  • Organizing clips with Adobe Bridge3m 56s
  • Rejecting files1m 50s
  • Batch renaming files3m 16s
  • Consolidating files to a single location2m 18s
  • Selecting music6m 54s
  • Recording narration3m 50s
  • Setting up the timeline2m 30s
  • Organizing shots and adjusting clip order1m 49s
  • Adjusting duration6m 51s
  • Adding transitions and effects2m 37s
  • Changing the playback speed of footage1m 33s
  • Building complex sequences5m 34s
  • Adjusting volume in clips7m 2s
  • Muting audio1m 34s
  • Adding a music bed to your Photoshop timeline6m 12s
  • Previewing audio2m 28s
  • Fixing underexposed footage3m 41s
  • Fixing overexposed footage2m 54s
  • Adjusting the contrast of video footage2m 19s
  • Color balancing a video shot2m 15s
  • Adding vibrance to a video clip1m 35s
  • Creating black and white effects2m 20s
  • Using photo filters for video footage2m 42s
  • Using smart filters2m 11s
  • Correcting with Adobe Camera Raw2m 37s
  • Adding a watermark2m 57s
  • Adding a lower-third graphic7m 57s
  • Animating text6m 10s
  • Inserting a logo bug4m 38s
  • Loading multiple photos into a slideshow4m 21s
  • Adding a soundtrack3m 21s
  • Editing to the beat3m 40s
  • Adding moves to photos in a timeline2m 16s
  • Adding transitions to the timeline2m 48s
  • Before you export your video from Photoshop3m 28s
  • Understanding nonsquare pixels4m 28s
  • An overview of the render video dialog3m 57s
  • Quality-based presets2m 8s
  • Exporting H.264 from Photoshop2m 17s
  • Exporting Quicktime from Photoshop2m 30s
  • Exporting a DPX sequence from Photoshop4m 21s
  • Including an alpha channel in your video2m 8s
  • Next steps2m 22s

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