Photoshop CS6: Restoring Photos

Photoshop CS6: Restoring Photos

Photoshop CS6: Restoring Photos is an Intermediate level study on Photography, created by the creator, Tim Grey. This study is an important foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Restoration, Photoshop, Photography, Restoration and Photoshop.

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Author Tim Grey
Publish Date 9/12/2012
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 56m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 41
Last Update N/A

When converting old photos to a digital format, you may often run across images that have suffered from the ravages of time, or that were poorly exposed or otherwise flawed in the first place. In this workshop author and expert Tim Grey shares techniques for bringing old photos to life, from fixing torn or otherwise damaged areas of a photo to improving the level of detail to adding color where it didn’t exist before. Plus, learn how to work nondestructively so you never lose important information and how to save your master image with layers intact so you can make more changes down the line.

Topics include:

  • Choosing your source image
  • Adding metadata
  • Image restoration strategy
  • Working with layers
  • Evaluating before and after
  • Tonal and color adjustments
  • Image cleanup
  • Adjusting detail
  • Saving the master image
  • Creating a print or online version

Photoshop CS6: Restoring Photos : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 11s
  • Choosing your source image5m 4s
  • Adding metadata3m 18s
  • Image restoration strategy2m 12s
  • Working with layers3m 30s
  • Saving as you go2m 41s
  • Evaluating "before" and "after"4m 6s
  • Automatic tonal adjustments4m 48s
  • Adding density with multiply2m 55s
  • Opening up detail with the Screen blend mode2m 29s
  • Basic brightness and contrast3m 19s
  • Using Levels to fine-tune contrast5m 38s
  • Reducing contrast with Shadows/Highlights7m 8s
  • Optimizing tonality with Curves7m 10s
  • Isolating colors with Hue/Saturation4m 9s
  • Completely removing color3m 42s
  • Adding a color tint3m 38s
  • Correcting a strong color cast3m 10s
  • Correcting vignetting3m 48s
  • Dodging and burning5m 41s
  • Painting in a color fix4m 15s
  • Gradient adjustments4m 20s
  • Painting an adjustment3m 58s
  • Mixing selections and painting for masks6m 32s
  • Cropping for cleanup3m 9s
  • Flipping an image3m 36s
  • Correcting perspective5m 13s
  • Using the Dust and Scratches filter7m 14s
  • Removing blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush3m 56s
  • Automatic cleanup with control4m 26s
  • Cleaning without blending3m 45s
  • Cleaning a selected area6m 17s
  • Filling in an area2m 38s
  • Duplicating elements4m 28s
  • Manually patching an area4m 8s
  • Saving detail for last4m 23s
  • Improving local contrast3m 34s
  • Applying sharpening4m 44s
  • Saving the master image3m 26s
  • Creating an online version7m 48s
  • Creating a print version4m 55s

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