Photoshop CS6: Camera Raw

Photoshop CS6: Camera Raw

Photoshop CS6: Camera Raw is an Beginner level course on Photography, created by the author, Tim Grey. This course is an absolute step for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography, Raw Processing, Camera Raw, Photoshop, Photography, Raw Processing, Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Free Download - Photoshop CS6: Camera Raw
Author Tim Grey
Publish Date 7/12/2012
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 2m
Topic Camera Raw
Video Tutorials 38
Last Update N/A

Your camera’s RAW capture capability gives you the potential to create truly stunning images, and in this workshop from digital imaging guru Tim Grey, you can learn how to use Adobe Camera Raw 7 to get optimal quality from your RAW captures with an efficient workflow. After giving you an overview of Camera Raw and how it works, Tim teaches how to apply a wide variety of adjustments to your images, from basic adjustments like cropping and sharpening, to advanced adjustments like HSL and split toning, to focused adjustments like spot removal and graduated filters.

Topics include:

  • Opening RAW captures
  • Setting Camera Raw preferences
  • Evaluating with Preview
  • Resetting adjustments
  • Processing multiple images
  • Basic adjustments
  • Image transformation
  • Camera calibration
  • Focused adjustments

Photoshop CS6: Camera Raw : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 11s
  • Adobe Camera Raw overview1m 50s
  • Opening RAW captures1m 56s
  • Setting Camera Raw preferences6m 15s
  • Checking for updates1m 35s
  • Zooming and panning3m 1s
  • Histogram evaluation3m 44s
  • Evaluating with previews1m 46s
  • Snapshots3m 6s
  • Presets3m 16s
  • Resetting adjustments1m 33s
  • Workflow options4m 42s
  • Cancel, Save, Done, or Open5m 28s
  • Processing multiple images4m 37s
  • Image rotation1m 38s
  • Cropping and straightening2m 42s
  • White balance adjustments4m 16s
  • Basic tonal adjustments4m 53s
  • Presence adjustments3m 17s
  • Tone curve adjustments4m 4s
  • Image sharpening5m 30s
  • Noise reduction4m 5s
  • HSL adjustments2m 21s
  • Grayscale conversion2m 7s
  • Split toning2m 52s
  • Profile-based lens corrections2m 40s
  • Image transformation3m 56s
  • Adding a film-grain effect2m 42s
  • Vignetting4m 1s
  • Camera calibration5m 21s
  • On-image adjustments3m 55s
  • Spot removal4m 58s
  • Red-eye removal2m 22s
  • The Adjustment Brush6m 15s
  • The Graduated filter4m 6s

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