Photoshop Automation: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Photoshop Automation: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Photoshop Automation: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, crafted by an expert, Julieanne Kost. This tutorial is an absolute foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography, Raw Processing, Photoshop, Photography, Raw Processing and Photoshop.

Free Download - Photoshop Automation: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
Author Julieanne Kost
Publish Date 6/30/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 30m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 29
Last Update N/A

If you’re like most creative pros, you probably spend a lot of time in Photoshop. And if you’re like a lot of Photoshop users, you probably spend an undue amount of time performing the same tasks. In this course, learn how to automate repetitive tasks in Photoshop, so that you can accomplish more in less time. Join Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost as she discusses a variety of productivity-boosting techniques for Photoshop automation. She shares tips for working with actions, using the Batch command, scripting, and more.

Topics include:

  • Quickly saving images as different file types
  • Creating single and multi-step actions
  • Saving and loading actions
  • Inserting stops, menu items, and conditionals
  • Tips for working with layers
  • Using the Batch command
  • Creating droplets
  • Automatically creating graphics from layers using generators
  • Working with variables and scripts

Photoshop Automation: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 44s
  • What you need to know36s
  • Exercise files15s
  • Using the Image Processor script7m 7s
  • Saving raw and JPEG files using Camera Raw3m 33s
  • Demystifying the Actions panel4m 37s
  • Creating single-step actions7m 6s
  • Single-click button mode2m 53s
  • Recording multistep actions4m 54s
  • Customizing settings on a per-image basis2m 28s
  • Modifying actions6m
  • Adding the Insert Menu Item command3m 37s
  • Adding instructions to actions (stops)5m 20s
  • Adding Save As and Close commands4m 2s
  • Saving actions4m 7s
  • Preparing files for actions9m 15s
  • Tips for working with layers6m 51s
  • Recording painting tool options10m 27s
  • Batch processing6m 30s
  • Including the Batch command in an action4m 56s
  • Optimization and playback options3m 11s
  • Using multiple actions to place and distribute images9m 13s
  • Conditional actions8m 14s
  • Creating droplets7m 38s
  • Using droplets with Lightroom4m 43s
  • Working with variables7m 39s
  • Autogenerate images from layers7m 37s
  • Working with scripts5m 19s
  • Next steps23s

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