Photos for macOS Mojave Essential Training

Photos for macOS Mojave Essential Training

Photos for macOS Mojave Essential Training is an Intermediate level course on Photography, created by the author, Derrick Story. This course is an absolute base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, Sharing Photos, Apple Photos, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, Sharing Photos and Apple Photos.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 11/19/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 25m
Topic Apple Photos
Video Tutorials 71
Last Update N/A

With the Photos app for macOS Mojave, you can manage, enhance, and share photos in a variety of ways. In this course, photographer and educator Derrick Story takes you on a detailed exploration of this Apple photo management application. To start things off, Derrick discusses what’s new in Photos for macOS Mojave. Next, he goes over ways to add photos to your library, and then sort, organize, and delete those images. Later, he walks through how to use the application’s basic editing tools, as well as how to leverage third-party editing extensions while editing in Photos. Plus, learn how to work with video and Live Photos, share and export your work, and more.

Still using OS X El Capitan and its older version of Photos, Photos for OS X? You may want to check out Derrick’s Photos for OS X Essential Training course instead of this one.

Topics include:

  • What Photos on the Mac can do that an iPhone can’t
  • Importing images from your hard drive or camera
  • Sorting, organizing, and deleting photos
  • Creating Smart Albums
  • Using face recognition and the People album
  • Capturing and cropping screenshots
  • Recording videos with your Mac
  • Enhancing and adjusting photos
  • Working with live photos and videos
  • Working with metadata and location information
  • Sharing and exporting photos

Photos for macOS Mojave Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Get the most out of Photos for macOS Mojave36s
  • What's new in Photos for macOS Mojave2m 38s
  • What Photos on the Mac can do that an iPhone can’t4m 6s
  • Upload the sample Photos library3m 38s
  • View iPhone images on a Mac2m 39s
  • Connect Photos to an iCloud account2m 35s
  • Add punch to photos2m 21s
  • Crop photos for more impact3m 46s
  • Share photos via iMessage or to social sites3m 4s
  • Import from a camera memory card3m 55s
  • Import from a flash drive or external hard drive3m 33s
  • Receive images via AirDrop2m 41s
  • Imports album in the Library2m
  • Use an iPhone as a mobile import device2m 18s
  • Learn about organizing filters2m 48s
  • Make custom filters with keywords4m 7s
  • Apply star ratings to images3m 50s
  • Create albums2m 1s
  • Organize albums within folders3m 43s
  • Create Smart Albums3m 56s
  • Search options in Photos4m 3s
  • Use face recognition and the People album3m 53s
  • View images by location and the Places album2m 36s
  • Recently Deleted album and removing images2m 10s
  • Build a Media Types album2m 55s
  • Capture screenshots and add them3m 18s
  • Crop screenshots2m 1s
  • Add text to screenshots3m 26s
  • Additional screenshot tools2m 24s
  • Video recording with the Mac4m 10s
  • Use Camera Continuity with an iPhone3m 33s
  • Display the before and after and revert to original2m 37s
  • Crop, rotate, and straighten photos3m 38s
  • How Enhance works2m 47s
  • Work with raw files in editing mode3m 26s
  • Adjust exposure4m 31s
  • Adjust color: White Balance and Color panel3m 52s
  • Copy and paste adjustments3m 19s
  • Use Selective Color2m 52s
  • Change a photo to black and white3m 28s
  • Eliminate flaws with Retouch1m 53s
  • Detail enhancement with Definition and Sharpening3m 28s
  • Take it to the next level with Editing Extensions4m 38s
  • Edit with external editors4m 6s
  • Understanding Live Photos1m 51s
  • Apply Live Photo effects2m 44s
  • Trim a Live Photo1m 40s
  • Export a Live Photo as a GIF1m 51s
  • Explore movie playback controls2m 34s
  • Trim a video clip2m 58s
  • Set a poster frame for a video1m 20s
  • Export a single frame as a photo1m 17s
  • Export a video as a movie2m 49s
  • Explore the Share menu4m 9s
  • Edit the Share menu items1m 15s
  • Export images4m 2s
  • Understanding projects2m 51s
  • Create a slide show4m 3s
  • Print photos with an inkjet printer3m 21s
  • Display metadata2m 51s
  • View extended metadata in the Finder3m 17s
  • Show file names with thumbnails3m 43s
  • Adjust date and time2m 46s
  • Add and delete location information3m 30s
  • System library2m 43s
  • Create additional Photos libraries1m 53s
  • Repair a library1m 2s
  • Back up libraries2m 31s
  • Final thoughts3m 6s

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