Photography Foundations: Refining Your Skills

Photography Foundations: Refining Your Skills

Photography Foundations: Refining Your Skills is an Intermediate level course on Photography, written by the creator, Steve Simon. This course is an absolute step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography Foundations, Photography, Photography Foundations and Photography.

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Author Steve Simon
Publish Date 5/26/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 41m 6s
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 10
Last Update N/A

You know your gear and your software tools. But as a photographer, how well do you know yourself? In this course, photography expert Steve Simon helps you discover your photographic passion as he lays out a roadmap for advancing your photographic skills. He covers getting personal in your work, finding your inspiration, and turning to books as a source of inspiration. He also shares an approach for making a good photo essay, and shows how a professional photographer would grapple with the challenges of photographing cities.

Topics include:

  • Finding your photographic passion
  • Getting personal in your work
  • Books as a source of inspiration
  • Documenting a cause
  • Exploring the work of Barb Davidson
  • The order and disorder of cities in photos

Photography Foundations: Refining Your Skills : Video Lessons

  • Welcome35s
  • Getting personal in your work2m 51s
  • Finding your inspiration3m 19s
  • The brainstorming session6m 56s
  • Books as a source of inspiration7m 9s
  • Documenting a cause5m 2s
  • Photo essay blueprint4m 14s
  • Exploring the work of Barb Davidson5m 23s
  • The order and disorder of cities in photos4m 1s
  • Next steps1m 36s

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