Photography Foundations: Macro and Close-Up

Photography Foundations: Macro and Close-Up

Photography Foundations: Macro and Close-Up is an Intermediate level study on 3D + Animation, written by an expert, Ben Long. This study is an absolute base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, 3D + Animation, Photography Foundations, Photography, Lighting, Video, Photoshop, Cameras + Gear, 3D + Animation, Photography Foundations, Photography, Lighting, Video and Photoshop.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 3/29/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 14m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 48
Last Update N/A

It’s a small world, and capturing it with a photograph can be challenging. In this course, photographer, author, and teacher Ben Long takes you on a fantastic voyage into the realm of the tiny, detailing the gear and shooting techniques necessary to capture extreme close-ups of everything from products to posies.

After touring the possibilities of macro photography, the course details essential gear at several price levels, including lenses, flashes, and other accessories. Next, Ben explores the special challenges of macro photography: dealing with moving subjects, working with extremely shallow depth of field, focusing, lighting, and more.

The course also explores advanced close-up tools and post-processing techniques, such as using Adobe Photoshop to “stack” multiple shots to yield wider depth of field than a single shot can convey.

Topics include:

  • What is a macro photograph?
  • What is a macro lens?
  • Finding good subject matter
  • Evaluating macro gear like extension tubes and tilt-shift lenses
  • Composing and framing shots
  • Exploring depth of field
  • Lighting macro shots
  • Working with light tables
  • Editing macro shots

Photography Foundations: Macro and Close-Up : Video Lessons

  • Welcome2m 13s
  • What you need to know for this course1m 37s
  • What is close up?2m 21s
  • Understanding minimum focus distance3m 55s
  • Comparing wide lens and telephoto1m 55s
  • Understanding depth of field and focus2m 11s
  • Working with extension tubes4m 30s
  • Working with close-up lenses5m 41s
  • What is a macro photo?4m 15s
  • Understanding how to shoot macro with a reversed lens5m 37s
  • Using a point-and-shoot camera for macro1m 55s
  • Working with backdrops for macro3m 45s
  • Practicing macro by shooting in the kitchen12m 35s
  • Choosing a macro lens2m 4s
  • Exploring macro lens features: Focal length3m 16s
  • Understanding macro lens shutter speed7m 6s
  • Shooting basics with a macro lens8m 24s
  • Getting closer with macro lenses and extension tubes11m 13s
  • Working with depth of field and macro5m 1s
  • Understanding depth and composition in macro6m 43s
  • Working with subject holders and support6m 36s
  • Shooting with the Canon 65 mm8m 15s
  • Working with macro stabilizing options5m 45s
  • Working with sliders for macro2m 44s
  • Working with a bellows1m 55s
  • Working with viewfinders in macro2m 48s
  • Working with direct light6m 13s
  • Macro and the angle of light2m 24s
  • Augmenting direct light with reflectors6m 42s
  • Continuous lighting to add fill to a macro shot5m 55s
  • Lighting your macro scene with continuous light4m 50s
  • Lighting the macro scene with strobes4m 59s
  • Setting up a macro-specific flash unit3m 21s
  • Shooting with the Canon Macro Twin Lite7m 56s
  • Shooting macro in a light tent3m 31s
  • Shooting macro on a light table7m 8s
  • Field shooting for macro, starting at home7m 5s
  • Managing backgrounds in the field7m 39s
  • Shooting macro water droplets5m
  • Creating a simple manual focus stack4m 40s
  • Creating a focus stacked image with manual merge6m 17s
  • Creating a focus stacked image using Helicon Remote11m 6s
  • Working with a StackShot rail for focus stacking11m 46s
  • Merging a focus stack with Photoshop11m 12s
  • Merging photo stacks with Helicon6m 53s
  • Understanding the aesthetics of depth of field4m 25s
  • Next steps1m 5s

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