Photography Foundations: Lenses

Photography Foundations: Lenses

Photography Foundations: Lenses is an Beginner level tutorial on Photography, created by the creator, Ben Long. This tutorial is an important base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Photography Foundations, Photography, Cameras + Gear, Photography Foundations and Photography.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 2/11/2011
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 32m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

Many of the creative options available to a photographer hinge on an in-depth understanding of lenses. In Foundations of Photography: Lenses, Ben Long shows how to choose lenses and take full advantage of their creative options. The course covers fundamental concepts that apply to any camera, such as focal length and camera position, and shows how to evaluate and shop for DSLR lenses. The second half of the course focuses on shooting techniques: controlling autofocus, working with different focal lengths, and managing distortion and flare. The course also examines various filters and contains tips on cleaning and maintaining lenses.

Topics include:

  • Understanding field of view and camera position
  • Depth of field and lens choice
  • How to choose a lens
  • Examining lens features
  • Using specialized lenses such as fisheye and tilt/shift lenses
  • Focusing techniques
  • Using filters
  • Camera maintenance

Photography Foundations: Lenses : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 19s
  • Who is this course for?1m 34s
  • Why does the lens matter?2m 36s
  • Changing lenses3m 43s
  • A word about camera brands1m 53s
  • What is a lens?3m 51s
  • Field of view2m 36s
  • Image sensors and field of view1m 21s
  • Focal length multipliers5m 42s
  • Primes and zooms2m 2s
  • Focal length, camera position, and composition4m 1s
  • Exercise: Taking ugly self-portraits3m 23s
  • Shooting wide7m 2s
  • Shooting telephoto8m 9s
  • Focal length applications1m 59s
  • Depth of field (DOF)5m 3s
  • DOF and sensor size1m 50s
  • DOF and background size2m 5s
  • Deep DOF and diffraction artifacts3m 44s
  • Choosing a lens7m 11s
  • Lenses for crop sensor cameras4m 25s
  • Image quality4m 10s
  • Lens features6m 42s
  • Size and weight6m 29s
  • Lens notes for Micro Four Thirds7m 6s
  • Specialty lenses5m 9s
  • Where to buy2m 54s
  • Lens caps1m 28s
  • Focus point selection5m 54s
  • Center-point auto-focus3m 51s
  • Servo focus3m 46s
  • Focus troubleshooting: What to do when your auto-focus doesn't2m 3s
  • Filters5m 46s
  • Auto-focus and live view5m 2s
  • Maintenance14m 40s
  • Micro-focus adjustments1m 31s
  • Goodbye59s

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