Photography: Exploring Composition

Photography: Exploring Composition

Photography: Exploring Composition is an Intermediate level study on Photography, crafted by the creator, Taz Tally. This study is an absolute base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography Foundations, Photography, Lightroom, Photography Foundations, Photography and Lightroom.

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Author Taz Tally
Publish Date 4/20/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 38m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

In photography, composition isn’t everything…but it’s close. Effective composition can make a photo far more powerful by drawing the viewer’s eye into the scene and guiding it in a way that conveys your intent as a photographer.

In this course, photographer and educator Taz Tally details four pillars of effective, impactful composition: simplicity, asymmetry, eye lines, and point of view. Through example images and helpful graphics, the course discusses not only the things you can do to enhance composition when you’re shooting, but also improvements you can make using imaging software such as Lightroom.

Throughout the course, Taz issues challenges to help you practice what you’ve learned. The course concludes with a look at how to critique—and thereby improve— your work.

Topics include:

  • Composing for simplicity
  • Employing asymmetry or an interesting point of view
  • Including eye lines
  • Composing in camera
  • Cropping for improved compositions
  • Enhancing images in Lightroom
  • Critiquing your own work

Photography: Exploring Composition : Video Lessons

  • Welcome58s
  • Using the exercise files29s
  • Using the challenges48s
  • Overview: What makes a successful image?3m 34s
  • Composing for simplicity10m 18s
  • Employing asymmetry8m 16s
  • Including eye lines7m 20s
  • Employing an interesting point of view5m 57s
  • Challenge: Which photo is more effective, and why?43s
  • Solution6m 18s
  • How to see like your camera does5m 21s
  • Capturing the essence2m 4s
  • Matching orientation to composition4m 28s
  • Separation techniques5m 24s
  • Positioning key elements in the frame4m 49s
  • Working a shot over time3m 42s
  • Making room for type3m 8s
  • Establishing a composition workflow3m 31s
  • Challenge: Compose a landscape for an 8.5x11 magazine cover48s
  • Cropping for rotation, input and output orientations, and ratios3m 30s
  • Cropping for simplicity5m 45s
  • Cropping for orientation4m 33s
  • Cropping to enhance asymmetry6m 52s
  • Challenge: Crop these photos to improve composition51s
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast to enhance focal points and separation5m 11s
  • Dodging and burning to enhance separation4m 17s
  • Blurring to improve focus on a key image element3m 28s
  • Removing unwanted elements through retouching3m 9s
  • Creating your composite2m 29s
  • Converting to black-and-white4m 5s
  • The value of a photo critique1m 32s
  • The critiquing process2m 24s
  • Performing a basic composition critique5m 53s
  • Performing a complete composition critique5m 53s
  • Acting on a critique2m 52s
  • Challenge: Critique this photo45s
  • Next steps1m 11s

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