Photography 101: Shooting in Low Light

Photography 101: Shooting in Low Light

Photography 101: Shooting in Low Light is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, compiled by the author, Joseph "PhotoJoseph" Linaschke. This tutorial is an essential foundation for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Night + Low Light, Cameras + Gear, Photography, Night + Low Light, Cameras + Gear and Photography.

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Author Joseph "PhotoJoseph" Linaschke
Publish Date 10/10/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 56m 7s
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 14
Last Update N/A

Exploring the world of nighttime and low-light shooting is a great way to expand your photographic horizons. In this installment of Photography 101, photographer Joseph Linaschke provides an introduction to the creative options and technical considerations behind night and low-light shooting.

Joseph explores indoor, candlelit scenes; bright cities, where he shows how to capture spectacular traffic trails; and the great outdoors, under the natural light of the moon and stars. The course also contains tips on using your iPhone or other smartphone for low-light photography—or even as a light source—and enhancing noisy, high-ISO images in post-production.

Topics include:

  • Setting up low-light portraits
  • Using the iPad as a light source
  • Shooting a long exposure of city lights
  • Shooting simple night photos
  • Exposing for the moon
  • Processing night shots with StarStaX

Photography 101: Shooting in Low Light : Video Lessons

  • Introduction1m 27s
  • Exploring the essential gear4m 14s
  • Setting up a low-light portrait5m 51s
  • Taking a candlelit portrait3m 14s
  • Taking a portrait at night2m 38s
  • Using the iPad as a portrait light source3m 13s
  • Shooting a long exposure of city lights5m 51s
  • Addressing noise in post5m 44s
  • Shooting a simple night photo3m 46s
  • Taking a creative approach to lighting structures at night4m 53s
  • Light painting on a rock face5m 45s
  • Balancing the moonlight and stars in a photo4m
  • Processing night shots with StarStaX5m
  • Reviewing the final selects31s

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