Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage

Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage

Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, produced by an expert, Neil Rhodes. This tutorial is an essential step for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography, Restoration, Photoshop, Photography, Restoration and Photoshop.

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Author Neil Rhodes
Publish Date 1/9/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 50m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 18
Last Update N/A

Old photos are often not only faded—there’s also a good chance they’ve had some water damage over the years. In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to use Adobe Photoshop to fix overall damage and restore your photo. He begins by assessing an image and mapping out a restoration strategy. He then moves on to fixing the grass, feet, legs, and fence in the photo; repairing the water damage; and then cleaning up the restoration.

Topics include:

  • Evaluating a photo
  • Planning the restoration
  • Initial preparations
  • Fixing minor damage
  • Repairing major damage
  • Initial and final cleanup of a restoration

Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage : Video Lessons

  • Welcome38s
  • What you should know before watching this course26s
  • How to use the exercise files21s
  • Evaluate the photo1m 32s
  • Plan the restoration2m 20s
  • Initial preparations4m
  • Repair minor damage8m 12s
  • Replace and match new grass4m 21s
  • Mask the grass6m 4s
  • Options for foot replacement3m 30s
  • Replace legs and feet10m 2s
  • Mask the legs and feet3m 35s
  • Blend legs and feet into the scene10m 55s
  • Rebuild a fence panel17m 16s
  • Rebuild the second panel and blend into the scene11m 31s
  • Initial clean up14m
  • Final clean up of the restoration10m 59s
  • Next steps55s

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