Photo Critique of the Week

Photo Critique of the Week

Photo Critique of the Week is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the creator, Steve Simon. This course is an absolute pillar for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography Foundations and Photography.

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Author Steve Simon
Publish Date 1/20/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 12h 20m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 112
Last Update 12/19/2019

What makes a photo work? When is an image considered successful? In this weekly series, photography expert Steve Simon critiques images captured by all levels of photographers, from hobbyist to professional. He provides insights about how the elements in an image affect its interpretation so you can decide what to include—and exclude—from the frame when out shooting or when cropping in post. Additionally, he shares technical and non-technical remarks, covering choices like aperture, shutter speed, and lighting. As he reviews images, he notes the strengths exhibited while also identifying opportunities for refinement, and points out changes that could vary the meaning conveyed in the final image.

Check back each week to watch as more critiques are added, covering new work from many different genres. This series is designed to help you discover how to improve your work as a photographer. By heightening your awareness through analysis, you can harness the information to enhance your photographic eye.

Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.

Photo Critique of the Week : Video Lessons

  • Focusing on feet3m 5s
  • Welcome1m 39s
  • Critiquing images taken from the RNC and DNC in 201616m 43s
  • Photographic patience is rewarded photographing dancers4m 34s
  • Photographing domino competitors4m 35s
  • Critique of unconventional portraits by Paul Taggart10m 16s
  • Critiquing pairs of iPhone images from Dubai14m 9s
  • Critique of infrared work of Justin Reznick9m 19s
  • Critique of window images from multiple photographers7m 44s
  • Critique of some of Ben Long's black-and-white work12m 24s
  • Critiquing images from other photographers from a parade9m 26s
  • Critique of wedding images from Rick Collins8m 3s
  • Critique of Juan Carlo Ocana's Cuban images8m 54s
  • Image critique of reflections from multiple photographers8m 37s
  • Critiquing humorous photos from a series of photographers9m 15s
  • Critique of some of Paul Lavergne images9m 54s
  • Examining images where rain is the subject13m 16s
  • Evaluating the portfolio of Soichi Hayashi9m 39s
  • Looking at images where shadows are the emphasis9m 56s
  • Fire hydrant burst photo critique4m 34s
  • Critique of the work of entertainment photographer Drew Gurian6m 53s
  • Critique of Barb Davidson wrestling essay6m 6s
  • Looking at the work of Clifford Pickett6m 53s
  • Analyzing the work of street photographer Hakim Boulouiz6m 21s
  • Critique of a series of the beverage bottles in Havana5m 11s
  • Exploring images of the roads of Havana3m 15s
  • Exploring images in the Library of Congress11m 53s
  • Reviewing images of subway stairs5m 25s
  • Critiquing images of Central Park3m 49s
  • Reviewing images of a parade in the Bahamas4m 10s
  • Evaluating the work of Andrea B. Swenson6m 17s
  • Reviewing cotton candy images of Steve Simon4m 28s
  • Looking at the work of David duChemin5m 23s
  • Evaluating images of fire6m
  • Looking at sports photography, specifically boxing8m 23s
  • Critiquing images with selective focus6m
  • Good, better, and best image critique7m 56s
  • Critiquing color vs. black and white7m 15s
  • Looking at a photo series of an unusual subject5m 2s
  • Shooting multiple exposures in Tokyo5m 52s
  • Student workshop of street photography16m
  • Patience is the key to stronger images4m 13s
  • Critique of photos by Brian Howell6m 21s
  • Reviewing ways to photograph a toddler4m 31s
  • Critiquing photo contest winners14m 45s
  • Reviewing action images of kids jumping5m 5s
  • Exploring image sequences5m 46s
  • Shooting with long exposure outside an airplane5m 31s
  • Exploring how shooting extra frames can produce stronger images5m 5s
  • Discussing images taken from the window seat of an airplane5m 44s
  • Comparing images of a blue car8m 25s
  • Evaluating images of night photography9m 17s
  • Critiquing photos from Zach Bobbitt9m 16s
  • Critiquing images from Tokyo14m 49s
  • Reviewing images from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan9m 27s
  • Reviewing images that maximize shooting options4m 44s
  • Critiquing images of couples in the park6m 30s
  • Little camera, big picture6m 4s
  • Reviewing photos of New York City food5m 35s
  • Storytelling in Japan10m 11s
  • Tokyo: Waiting for the shot5m 13s
  • Evaluating Cuba photos by Denise Hartung10m 58s
  • Orange as a theme in the work of Saadia Mahmud4m 8s
  • Candid street portraits7m 50s
  • Capturing gesture as a topic8m 8s
  • Working the shot with an interesting subject3m 49s
  • Critiquing the work of photographer Ed Yiu3m 36s
  • Critiquing the work of photographer Frances Bruchez4m 44s
  • Storytelling in Lisbon6m 15s
  • Evaluating a series of anticipation images4m 43s
  • Critiquing images that are all about light11m 39s
  • Evaluating the details to find the best image6m 39s
  • Kanina Holmes: Family4m 20s
  • Steve Attard: Humor7m 45s
  • Tim Fisher: Running bulls6m 9s
  • Backlight4m 55s
  • Street portraits4m 42s
  • Urban landscapes6m 32s
  • Chris Smith: Architecture6m 50s
  • Dubai6m 54s
  • Intimacy7m 40s
  • Jim Orsetti:Japan5m 43s
  • Kyle Wagoner: Japan5m 11s
  • The moment7m 36s
  • Variety of images critiques: Cuba and more6m 18s
  • Variety of images critiques: Chicago7m 18s
  • A street mindset5m 6s
  • Jennifer Dooley3m 10s
  • Get Closer4m 37s
  • Parade Philosophy4m 17s
  • Isolating your subject: ballet3m 54s
  • How to choose your best images5m 10s
  • The strengths of complex composition5m 45s
  • Varying your vantage points7m 31s
  • Cropping to make your images stronger7m 16s
  • Photographing events: Some considerations7m 8s
  • Street photography portraits7m 1s
  • Different interpretations of similar scenes4m 38s
  • Capturing the world at night7m 10s
  • Street photography in Milan7m 7s
  • Unsuccessful images6m 51s
  • Images of the homeless3m 45s
  • Jeff Carson: India4m 14s
  • Memorial shoot5m 20s
  • Sicily wedding moment5m 27s
  • Color4m 13s
  • Reflection tuba4m 54s
  • Why this frame?4m 30s

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