Persuasive Presentation System

Persuasive Presentation System

Build for ANYONE to create persuasive presentations that will leave a lasting impression and stand out from the rest.. Persuasive Presentation System is a paid course with 11 reviews and 861 subscribers. This is a Live course, filed under Communications.

Create persuasive and engaging content on their own. Give presentations that stand out and leave lasting impressions. Display confidence immediately during the presentation. Gain genuine confidence over time with the skills learnt. Use their voices to show power and authority and make the presentation alive. Understand how different proven tonal patterns work for their presentations. Use visual aids in a way that is only customised for their presentations. Show empathy towards the audience, making them feel like the star of the presentation. Identify with their audiences. Show that they are credible and trustworthy experts who genuinely care for their audiences.

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Author Ryan Lim
Publish Date 26-05-2015
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Duration 01:13:12
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 18
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Having great ideas is not enough to influence and change the world from the way it is. Great ideas only exist in your own minds. To influence and make changes, I like to think that we need to create bridges between our brains to our audiences' brains. The connecting bridge is persuasive presentation.

Over the years, I extensively read and research on the different techniques regarding persuasive presentations. Through trial and error, I experimented different techniques and came up with a set of the best techniques to use that worked beautifully for me. I came up with a step-by-step system that ANYONE can use to greatly enhance their persuasive presentation skills: The Presentation Sensational System. You can think of the Presentation Sensational System as a one-stop shortcut that brings you instant results once you have mastered it. It's easy to follow as it guides you step-by-step along the way.

When you are done with this course, you will have the skills to create, on your own, and give a persuasive presentation that stands out from the rest and leaves a long lasting impression for your audience.

Persuasive Presentation System : Video Lessons

  • Getting Started04:12
  • Creating Your Presentation Content37:54
  • Giving Life to Your Presentation Content22:36
  • Making Your Audience the Star of the Presentation08:31

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