Outlook.com Essential Training

Outlook.com Essential Training

Outlook.com Essential Training is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, written by the creator, Jess Stratton. This tutorial is an essential step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Email, Outlook, Outlook.com, Business, Email, Outlook and Outlook.com.

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Author Jess Stratton
Publish Date 11/24/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 32m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 43
Last Update N/A

Follow along with Jess Stratton as she walks you through Outlook.com, the popular web-based email and calendaring solution from Microsoft. Jess begins the course with a tour of the Outlook.com interface; she provides you with tips on how to customize the theme and display settings and gives you a quick introduction to Skype instant messaging. Next, learn everything you need to know about email—how to send, read, and reply to messages; work with attachments and OneDrive files; and organize and search for emails. Jess explains how to adjust your settings to create a mail signature, add accounts, and more. She also provides in-depth tips on creating, editing, and managing contacts, as well as scheduling appointments and meetings with the Calendar.

Topics include:

  • Recognize what the thumbnail launcher on the top left of the screen can be used for.
  • Recall what inquiry Outlook will make before linking with various cloud storage platforms.
  • Identify the icon you need to select to keep an email at the top of your inbox.
  • List the steps to access the settings to edit the rules of your inbox.
  • Name the type of email senders that are not sent an automatic replay when you set up Automatic Replies on your Outlook account.
  • Explain how a contact list works.

Outlook.com Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome40s
  • Log in and tour the Outlook.com interface2m 6s
  • Change the theme and display settings4m 22s
  • Differences between Outlook.com and Outlook on the web1m 50s
  • Compose, format, and draft a message3m 1s
  • Reply to, print, and forward a message2m 49s
  • Attach files and link Google Drive2m 29s
  • Work with attachments and photos2m 56s
  • View or edit Office documents while replying2m 34s
  • Organize mail into folders4m 37s
  • Archive, delete, and restore mail3m 19s
  • Sweep and work with Clutter3m 40s
  • Process junk mail and phishing attempts2m 17s
  • Add flags and pin important mail4m 1s
  • Use categories to classify mail3m 58s
  • Create rules for processing mail7m 6s
  • Search your messages2m 34s
  • Add additional email accounts to Outlook.com3m 5s
  • Create a mail signature1m 53s
  • Create a vacation responder2m 5s
  • Explore other Outlook.com settings1m 38s
  • Access and navigate your contacts1m 44s
  • Create, edit, and delete contacts2m 58s
  • Create and edit a contact list2m 9s
  • Access and navigate the calendar2m 42s
  • Create, edit, and delete a calendar entry4m 51s
  • Invite others and use the Scheduling Assistant3m 46s
  • Create a secondary calendar1m 54s
  • Share a calendar2m 31s
  • Manage calendar settings1m 38s
  • An introduction to Skype instant messaging2m 38s
  • Use add-ins with Outlook.com2m 45s
  • Next steps20s

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