Nuke New Features Consolidated

Nuke New Features Consolidated

Nuke New Features Consolidated is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, produced by the creator, Steve Wright. This course is an absolute base for a person who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation skills. It gives you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, Nuke, 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and Nuke.

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Author Steve Wright
Publish Date 1/18/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 7h 25m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 95
Last Update N/A

Learn how to work faster and smarter with Nuke, the Foundry’s flagship compositing app. In this course, VFX guru Steve Wright helps you get up to speed with the most helpful new features and enhancements introduced in Nuke 6, 6.3, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Steve goes over the most relevant additions in each release, from how to leverage the RayRender node—which adds ray tracing to Nuke—to how to work with the ParticleCache node. Plus, learn how to leverage the SplineWarp node, the Pixel Analyzer, and much more.

Topics include:

  • RayRender workflow
  • Creating a flipbook
  • Adding drop shadows to text
  • New EXR 2 file features
  • Assessing the context-sensitive help
  • Creating a morph
  • Working with audio tracks
  • Refining the key
  • Multipass keying
  • Converting a group to a gizmo

Nuke New Features Consolidated : Video Lessons

  • New features consolidated1m 6s
  • RayRender: Basic setup6m 27s
  • RayRender: Working with AOVs7m 12s
  • RayRender: Workflow4m 8s
  • SmartVector toolset: Basic setup7m 52s
  • SmartVector toolset: Paint workflow6m 9s
  • SmartVector toolset: Working with multiple segments7m 17s
  • Chromakeyer node: Basic setup4m 3s
  • Chromakeyer node: Refining the key8m 55s
  • Chromakeyer node: Spill suppression5m 6s
  • Creating a flipbook3m 39s
  • Capturing the viewer contents2m 51s
  • Adding drop shadows to text2m 3s
  • Using the Look feature3m 55s
  • The Node tab features3m 36s
  • The new motion estimation6m 46s
  • The Pixel Analyzer5m 52s
  • Adding text5m 47s
  • Using the color picker2m 28s
  • The new EXR 2 file features4m 6s
  • About filters3m 24s
  • The Maintain Luminance feature2m 24s
  • Accessing the context-sensitive help2m 1s
  • Using the ParticleCache node2m 39s
  • How to do wireframe renders3m 14s
  • MatchGrade node: Extracting grade information5m 5s
  • MatchGrade node: Matching two clips4m 39s
  • CameraTracker: Solving still photos5m 59s
  • CameraTracker: Cleaning up the solve4m 28s
  • Editing geometry with the EditGeo node5m 54s
  • ZDefocus: Setting the depth of field5m 27s
  • ZDefocus: Adding a bokeh6m 1s
  • ZDefocus: Changing the bokeh appearance2m 54s
  • ZDefocus: Adding filter inputs3m 45s
  • SplineWarp: Drawing and connecting splines6m 56s
  • SplineWarp: Creating a warp4m 23s
  • SplineWarp: Setting boundary splines3m 37s
  • SplineWarp: Creating a morph8m 3s
  • SplineWarp: Refining the morph animation4m 59s
  • Deep compositing: Introduction to deep compositing5m 51s
  • Deep compositing: Editing deep images6m 57s
  • Deep compositing: Deep compositing nodes7m 38s
  • How to generate motion vectors2m 26s
  • Editing clips together with the TimeClip node5m 25s
  • Alembic geometry: Importing Alembic geometry6m 1s
  • Alembic geometry: Selecting geometry with the Scenegraph4m 46s
  • Alembic geometry: Exporting Alembic geometry4m 17s
  • PointCloudGenerator: Creating dense point clouds4m 36s
  • PointCloudGenerator: Setting keyframes4m 50s
  • PointCloudGenerator: Post-filtering and grouping6m 34s
  • DepthGenerator: Creating depth passes4m 39s
  • DepthGenerator: Refining the depth data3m 52s
  • DepthToPoints: Creating a point cloud from a depth channel6m 15s
  • DepthToPosition: Creating a position pass from a depth channel5m 30s
  • Converting a point in screen space to a 3D point3m 15s
  • Displacement node: Basic workflow3m 28s
  • Displacement node: Adjusting tessellation5m 25s
  • Shifting the timing of an entire node tree2m 3s
  • Shadow casting: Basic setup5m 7s
  • Shadow casting: Semitransparent shadows2m 54s
  • Relighting a CGI render with the normal pass5m 18s
  • Particle system: Creating particles7m 9s
  • Reconcile3D node: Basic setup6m 21s
  • Reconcile3D node: Camera tracking10m 5s
  • PointsTo3D node: Corner pin9m 40s
  • PointsTo3D node: Demo45s
  • PointsTo3D node: Using the PointsTo3D node6m 37s
  • Working with the GeoSelect node5m 27s
  • Working with the AudioRead node8m 49s
  • Particles: Emitter node4m 26s
  • Particles: Creating particles4m 42s
  • Particles: Adding emitters5m 59s
  • Particles: Influencing particles with forces8m 18s
  • Particles: Making particles bounce5m 28s
  • Particles: Affecting the appearance of particles7m 21s
  • Particles: Adding streaks with the ParticleSpawn node5m 42s
  • Particles: Setting streak attributes4m 24s
  • Particles: New ParticleBounce feature1m 23s
  • Keylight: A basic key and composite3m 51s
  • Keylight: Refining the key2m 50s
  • Keylight: Screen matte controls3m 37s
  • Keylight: Cropping the backing region2m 28s
  • Keylight: Holdout mattes and garbage mattes2m 19s
  • Keylight: Adjusting the Tuning menu1m 58s
  • Keylight: Adjusting alpha and despill bias2m 36s
  • Keylight: Refining edge despill2m 15s
  • Keylight: Multipass keying4m 37s
  • Keylight: Color correcting the foreground1m 6s
  • Utlimatte: A basic key and composite3m 24s
  • Utlimatte: Refining the key5m 19s
  • Utlimatte: Adjusting density and shadows4m 16s
  • Utlimatte: Spill suppression4m 11s
  • Creating groups2m 50s
  • Converting a group to a gizmo2m 32s
  • Next steps55s

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