Nuke Essential Training (2014)

Nuke Essential Training (2014)

Nuke Essential Training (2014) is an Beginner level study on 3D + Animation, compiled by an expert, Steve Wright. This study is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, Nuke, 3D + Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and Nuke.

Free Download - Nuke Essential Training (2014)
Author Steve Wright
Publish Date 5/20/2014
Skill Beginner
Duration 7h 36m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 90
Last Update 10/4/2016

Visual effects dominate at the box office, and Nuke is the compositing software that is used at high-end studios to create those mind-blowing effects. In this comprehensive course, digital compositing pioneer and Nuke authority Steve Wright introduces this complex and powerful tool to visual effects artists new to Nuke. Starting with an introduction to the unique node-based interface and progressing through techniques like color correction, keying, rotoscoping, and tracking, this course covers Nuke from top to bottom.

This course was created by Steve Wright. We’re honored to host this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the timeline, nodes, and Curve Editor
  • Working with channels
  • Merging images
  • Color correcting
  • Transforming and reformatting images
  • Rotoscoping
  • Keying and compositing
  • Warping and morphing footage
  • Compositing in 3D

Nuke Essential Training (2014) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome4m 12s
  • Nuke 10 Viewer update5m 1s
  • How to use the exercise files2m 19s
  • The user interface5m 28s
  • Using the viewer9m 2s
  • Playback controls2m 34s
  • The timeline3m 16s
  • Project settings4m 24s
  • Working with nodes5m 40s
  • Using property panels4m 49s
  • Adjusting node parameters8m 44s
  • Keyframe animation3m 44s
  • Using the Dope Sheet3m 6s
  • Navigating the Curve Editor3m 34s
  • Editing animation curves4m 23s
  • Viewing channels in the viewer4m 4s
  • Creating new channels5m 34s
  • The Shuffle node4m 57s
  • The Copy node5m 53s
  • The Merge node5m 39s
  • Compositing multipass CGI5m 23s
  • The Keymix node3m 20s
  • The AddMix Node4m 6s
  • The color scopes7m 10s
  • The Grade node4m 56s
  • The ColorCorrect node3m 46s
  • The ColorLookup node6m 53s
  • The Transform node5m 14s
  • The CornerPin2D node6m 14s
  • The Mirror node48s
  • The Position node1m 19s
  • The Reformat node3m 20s
  • The Crop node2m 36s
  • The Tracker node6m 11s
  • Automatic tracking9m 55s
  • Keyframe tracking7m 26s
  • Stabilizing clips6m 11s
  • Match-moving4m 55s
  • Drawing roto shapes7m 57s
  • Animating shapes7m 50s
  • Setting shape attributes9m 12s
  • The RotoPaint node8m 52s
  • Clone and Reveal8m 28s
  • Roto masking examples8m 20s
  • The Keyer node8m 30s
  • Primatte keyer setup6m 21s
  • Primatte fine details6m 52s
  • Keylight keyer setup7m 33s
  • Keylight fine details3m 46s
  • The Blur node2m 24s
  • Creating 2D motion blur5m 33s
  • The ZDefocus node5m 34s
  • ZDefocus with live action2m 23s
  • The GridWarp node6m 29s
  • Animating a GridWarp4m 58s
  • Morphing with GridWarp8m 46s
  • The SplineWarp node7m 30s
  • Setting warp boundaries2m 56s
  • Warping one image to another4m 33s
  • Morphing with SplineWarp5m 10s
  • Retiming clips4m 51s
  • Retiming with OFlow4m 8s
  • Shifting clip timing5m 47s
  • Freeze frames2m 48s
  • The 3D Viewer4m 52s
  • Adding geometry and texture maps8m 5s
  • Adding cameras4m 31s
  • Adding lights5m 51s
  • Rendering a 3D scene8m 17s
  • The Phong shader6m 47s
  • The ApplyMaterial node2m 24s
  • Camera projection4m 35s
  • The TransformGeo node7m 37s
  • Snapping geometry into position4m 32s
  • The EditGeo node6m 6s
  • The DisplaceGeo node3m 6s
  • 2D Viewer changes8m 3s
  • 3D Viewer changes1m 46s
  • The menu bar1m 20s
  • The integrated flipbook3m 39s
  • Viewer Capture feature2m 51s
  • Text drop shadows2m 3s
  • The Look feature3m 55s
  • Oflow additions2m 44s
  • Planar Tracker settings3m 24s
  • Planar Tracker workflow4m 56s
  • ParticleBounce1m 23s
  • New node features3m 36s
  • Motion estimation (NukeX)4m 12s
  • Motion estimation speeds (NukeX)2m 37s

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