Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York City

Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York City

Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York City is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, compiled by the author, Chris Orwig. This tutorial is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Portraits, Photography and Portraits.

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Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 5/27/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 30m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 28
Last Update N/A

In the Narrative Portraiture series, photographer and teacher Chris Orwig explores the use of elements such as location and natural light to create images that tell stories about their subjects and produce a strong emotional connection.

In this installment of the series, Chris shows how to incorporate aspects of a location, such as architecture, natural light, and even passersby, to create authentic, story-filled portraits.

The course begins with a photo shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge. Chris emphasizes the importance of directing and collaborating with a subject and of being responsive to changing lighting and location conditions. After the shoot, Chris discusses the preparation that goes into on-location shoots, from choosing camera gear to storyboarding. Next, he reviews the images from the shoot and mentions the post-processing techniques that he employed to make them more effective. The course also includes several assignments aimed at reinforcing the concepts Chris describes.

The course concludes with an on-location family portrait shoot and a look at the special considerations that go into group shots.

Topics include:

  • Engaging the subject
  • Scouting a location
  • Handling gear on location
  • Taking advantage of natural light
  • Planning and storyboarding before a shoot
  • Working with props and groups

Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York City : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 56s
  • Meeting, greeting, and getting the first shot2m 35s
  • Collaborating with the subject3m 31s
  • Getting closer2m 7s
  • Directing the subject2m 53s
  • Shooting medium-format film4m 55s
  • Capturing the unexpected: A stranger in the mix1m 26s
  • Wrapping up the shoot1m 48s
  • Planning considerations1m 53s
  • Scouting the location2m 50s
  • Storyboarding the shoot2m 40s
  • Gear considerations4m 32s
  • Handling gear on location1m 28s
  • Reviewing the shoot and the shots7m 52s
  • Variations on the story5m 29s
  • Film as a teacher: The medium-format film images4m 7s
  • Post-processing techniques5m 33s
  • Scouting a strange location3m 57s
  • Sketching and shooting3m 2s
  • Conclusion1m 4s
  • Shooting a group portrait3m 36s
  • Photo review: Capturing authenticity at home4m 41s
  • Photo review: An on-location family portrait3m 30s
  • Photo review: Variations on a theme4m 17s
  • Assignment: Working with a prop and shooting with film5m 17s
  • Further inspiration3m 36s

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