Mograph Techniques: Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D

Mograph Techniques: Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D

Mograph Techniques: Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D is an Intermediate level course on Video, written by the creator, EJ Hassenfratz. This course is an essential step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Video skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Motion Graphics, Video, After Effects, CINEMA 4D, Motion Graphics, Video, After Effects and CINEMA 4D.

Free Download - Mograph Techniques: Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D
Author EJ Hassenfratz
Publish Date 11/6/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 13m
Topic After Effects
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

Spline dynamics in CINEMA 4D provide a great way to add physics to splines to create hair, rope, cable, or string-like effects. This course shows how to use C4D’s Dynamics module to create energetic animation and motion graphics with realistic motion and elasticity—perfect for bumpers or TV commercials. Learn how to use the spline dynamics tag to make objects react like they would to real-world physics, use constraints to connect splines to other objects, and create realistic tension with springs. EJ also shows how to animate and render your composite and polish the final footage in After Effects.

Topics include:

  • Adding cable splines and spline dynamic tags
  • Using constraint tags
  • Adding sweeps tags
  • Using Spring objects to add tension and interaction
  • Creating dynamic camera moves
  • Adding depth of field and motion blur in After Effects

Mograph Techniques: Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D : Video Lessons

  • Welcome53s
  • Using the exercise files40s
  • Choosing the right version of CINEMA 4D1m 3s
  • Adding cable splines and spline dynamics tags8m 33s
  • Adding constraint tags and adjusting dynamics settings5m 58s
  • Adding sweeps and dynamics tags5m 25s
  • Adding springs to enable interaction between splines and the screen model6m 26s
  • Finishing the model with more springs and dynamics3m 8s
  • Animating connectors to move the screen model along a track8m 26s
  • Fine-tuning and caching the dynamics4m 36s
  • Creating a dynamic camera move6m 27s
  • Adding depth-of-field nulls and external compositing tags7m 37s
  • Importing footage and 3D data into After Effects6m 27s
  • Finishing the animation with depth of field, motion blur, and color correction6m 35s
  • Next steps1m 31s

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