Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Exchange Online and Security

Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Exchange Online and Security

Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Exchange Online and Security is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, created by the creator, Andrew Bettany. This tutorial is an important foundation for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT, Office 365, Business, Developer, Cloud Computing, IT and Office 365.

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Author Andrew Bettany
Publish Date 3/24/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 11m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Review key skills related to managing Microsoft Exchange Online, using antispam and antimalware resources, and configuring Intune Endpoint Protection. Learn how to configure mailbox permissions and sharing, set up contacts and groups, configure antimalware filters in Office 365, and use Exchange Active Sync for mobile device management. Plus, explore Intune Endpoint Protection, which allows control of the security features on Intune-enrolled devices and further protects them from malware and spam.

Topics include:

  • Exchange Online and security overview
  • Managing recipients and mailboxes
  • Managing mailbox permissions and sharing
  • Managing contacts and groups
  • Managing mobile devices
  • Exploring Exchange ActiveSync
  • Leveraging antispam and antimalware features
  • Using Microsoft Intune Endpoint Protection
  • Microsoft Defender ATP
  • Mobile threat defense integration

Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Exchange Online and Security : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to Exchange Online and Security1m 11s
  • What you should know43s
  • Exchange Online plans5m 51s
  • Manage recipients and mailboxes in Exchange Online3m 9s
  • Manage and create mailboxes3m 45s
  • Manage mailbox permissions5m 35s
  • Manage shared mailboxes4m 33s
  • Create resource mailboxes5m 39s
  • Manage mail contacts in Exchange Online3m 16s
  • Manage mail contacts in Exchange Online using PowerShell3m 49s
  • Manage groups in Exchange Online6m 3s
  • Explore Office 365 Groups6m 1s
  • Explore Exchange ActiveSync1m 49s
  • Explore Exchange ActiveSync policies4m 51s
  • Explore mobile device mailbox policies in Exchange Online2m 55s
  • Enable Exchange ActiveSync on a device2m 10s
  • Explore malware6m 4s
  • Review symptoms of malware infection1m 37s
  • Explore spam6m 23s
  • Protection from spam5m 23s
  • Malware filters in Exchange Online1m 46s
  • Configure malware filters4m 3s
  • Explore Office 365 spam control and quarantine5m 14s
  • Manage Office 365 connection filters4m 1s
  • Manage Office 365 spam filters6m 13s
  • Microsoft Threat Protection1m 11s
  • Microsoft Intune Endpoint Protection4m 15s
  • Demo: Device configuration profiles3m 13s
  • Demo: Restrict access to built-in apps2m 20s
  • Monitor Endpoint Protection5m 28s
  • Microsoft Intune security baselines1m 55s
  • Demo: Implement security baselines2m 32s
  • Microsoft Defender ATP6m 3s
  • Mobile Threat Defense integration with Intune2m 21s
  • Next steps32s

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