Maya: Rendering Exteriors

Maya: Rendering Exteriors

Maya: Rendering Exteriors is an Intermediate level course on 3D + Animation, produced by the author, Adam Crespi. This course is an essential base for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation talent. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Architecture, CAD, Photography, Lighting, Video, Materials, Rendering, Textures, Maya, 3D + Animation, Architecture, CAD, Photography, Lighting, Video, Materials, Rendering, Textures and Maya.

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Author Adam Crespi
Publish Date 7/1/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 5m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

Learn how to render the exterior of a building with both day and night lighting rigs. Author Adam Crespi guides you through the process of applying exterior materials like wood, metal, and glass; rendering the scene in daylight with the Daylight system and photographic exposure controls; and adjusting the lighting for dusk and nighttime shots, including turning on lights inside and outside the house. Finally, Adam takes the image into post, demonstrating workflows to add final polish with Nuke and After Effects.

Topics include:

  • Creating exterior materials
  • Converting paint effects for mental ray
  • Positioning the sun with the Daylight system
  • Lighting using HDR imagery
  • Lighting interior spaces
  • Adjusting and optimizing the render settings
  • Setting up additional rendering passes for compositing purposes
  • Compositing and adding post effects in Nuke and After Effects

Maya: Rendering Exteriors : Video Lessons

  • Welcome47s
  • What you should know before watching this course16s
  • Using the exercise files1m 56s
  • Assessing the design possibilities4m 5s
  • Forming paint colors and sheen levels8m 49s
  • Making brick and concrete sparkle8m 36s
  • Adding subtle detail to wood and siding8m 4s
  • Polishing metals10m 57s
  • Adding luster to glasses4m 23s
  • Converting paint effects for mental ray7m 30s
  • Creating the Daylight system and positioning the sun6m 25s
  • Softening the sun and shadows7m 17s
  • Adjusting the Photographic Exposure for stylized imagery6m 10s
  • Lighting using HDR imagery in the Daylight system3m 27s
  • Adding extra lights for glossy surfaces6m 43s
  • Casting light from exterior fixtures8m 12s
  • Lighting interior spaces for night4m 25s
  • Creating a low sun with a directional light4m 50s
  • Adjusting luminous and lit surfaces11m 2s
  • Fine-tuning the Photographic Exposure5m 48s
  • Rendering and optimizing rendering5m 46s
  • Fine-tuning Final Gather for speed6m 45s
  • Pushing Global Illumination values for visual impact5m 36s
  • Stylizing the bounced lighting6m 7s
  • Creating an ambient-occlusion override material4m 16s
  • Creating an ambient-occlusion rendering pass with custom materials5m 47s
  • Lighting a custom specular pass for sparkle5m 49s
  • Setting up custom masks for compositing flexibility3m 25s
  • Ambient occlusion for plants11m 42s
  • Rendering the image passes7m 20s
  • Importing the imagery and arranging the layers4m 10s
  • Setting blending modes and adjusting opacity3m 2s
  • Fine-tuning color using rendered masks4m 20s
  • Adding depth of field4m 42s
  • Putting on the final polish with glinting highlights and glow3m 9s
  • Adding quick clouds and sky6m
  • Rendering the composited images2m 15s
  • Rendering the composited animation2m 10s
  • Next steps46s

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