Maya: Dynamic Simulations with Bullet Physics

Maya: Dynamic Simulations with Bullet Physics

Maya: Dynamic Simulations with Bullet Physics is an Advanced level course on 3D + Animation, produced by an expert, Aaron F. Ross. This course is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Animation, Photography, Video, Particles + Dynamics, Visual Effects, Maya, 3D + Animation, Animation, Photography, Video, Particles + Dynamics, Visual Effects and Maya.

Free Download - Maya: Dynamic Simulations with Bullet Physics
Author Aaron F. Ross
Publish Date 10/16/2014
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 35m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 37
Last Update N/A

Visual effects designers and video game artists often need to animate complex scenes containing physical simulations. The Bullet dynamics solver, an open-source physics engine, is a great solution, and it replaces Maya’s legacy rigid-body and soft-body toolsets. Fast and efficient, Bullet is highly optimized and integrated into the existing Maya toolset. In this course, Aaron F. Ross shows how to set up and direct Bullet simulations for collisions, breakage, and simple cloth effects. Learn how to create simulations with polygon objects; work with dynamic and passive rigid bodies; integrate dynamics with keyframes, constraints, and soft bodies; and use rigid sets to create breakage simulations. Aaron will also show how to leverage Alembic data for faster baking, caching, and importing and exporting.

Topics include:

  • Loading the Bullet plugins
  • Creating static and dynamic bodies
  • Adjusting solver attributes
  • Integrating keyframes
  • Creating and transforming constraints
  • Creating rigid sets
  • Holding set members together with a Glue constraint
  • Creating soft bodies
  • Baking a soft-body simulation
  • Inflating a soft body with Pressure

Maya: Dynamic Simulations with Bullet Physics : Video Lessons

  • Welcome58s
  • Using the exercise files2m 17s
  • Loading the Bullet plugins58s
  • Adopting a scale convention3m 18s
  • Setting the playback range52s
  • Controlling playback speed1m 49s
  • Creating a static body3m 16s
  • Creating dynamic bodies2m 52s
  • Setting initial velocity1m 34s
  • Adjusting solver attributes2m 48s
  • Keyframing gravity2m 8s
  • Keyframing transforms with Bake Simulation2m 30s
  • Cleaning up keyframes2m 58s
  • Animating transforms with keyframes1m 55s
  • Keying the rigid body type1m 15s
  • Adjusting bounce and friction2m 56s
  • Creating a rigid constraint3m 29s
  • Transforming the constraint2m 11s
  • Defining Friction, Restitution, and Mass2m 34s
  • Setting constraint limits1m 28s
  • Setting limit properties4m 8s
  • Using the shatter effect2m 33s
  • Creating a rigid set3m 20s
  • Holding set members together with glue3m 56s
  • Using collision filters3m 30s
  • Keyframing visibility1m 51s
  • Slowing motion with damping2m 10s
  • Caching with Alembic8m 54s
  • Creating a soft body3m 43s
  • Constraining with soft body anchors3m 35s
  • Adjusting soft body properties2m 7s
  • Adding wind2m 49s
  • Caching soft body animation with Alembic3m 14s
  • Inflating a soft body with Pressure5m 5s
  • Goodbye43s

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