Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube is an Beginner level study on Business, produced by the creator, Anson Alexander. This study is an absolute pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube, Business, Marketing, Social Media Marketing and YouTube.

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Author Anson Alexander
Publish Date 11/18/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 5m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 28
Last Update 1/30/2020

YouTube is a great place to market a product or service and generate ad revenue. Join Anson Alexander to learn the secrets of starting and maintaining a successful and profitable YouTube channel. First, learn how to set up a business account in YouTube Studio and discover strategies for producing video content optimized for discovery and ad placement. Then explore different monetization strategies, from joining the YouTube Partner Program to selling merchandise directly to subscribers. You can also learn how to customize your YouTube channel page to fit your brand, and apply tried-and-true SEO techniques to help your videos reach the top of search results. Finally, Anson shows how to use YouTube Analytics to better guide your content strategy moving forward.

Topics include:

  • Setting goals for YouTube
  • Creating a business account
  • Optimizing video
  • Applying to the YouTube Partner Program
  • Selling merchandise
  • Attracting subscribers
  • Managing comments
  • Branding your YouTube page
  • Optimizing videos for search engines
  • Adding translations
  • Viewing YouTube Analytics

Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube : Video Lessons

  • Making money with YouTube1m 7s
  • What can you expect to get out of YouTube?5m 7s
  • Set goals for YouTube3m 1s
  • Understanding effective content strategies7m 45s
  • Create a business account on YouTube2m 54s
  • Review the YouTube Creator Studio dashboard3m 35s
  • Optimize your video before uploading5m 44s
  • Upload videos to YouTube5m 13s
  • Access and use Creator Studio Classic2m 2s
  • Understanding YouTube advertising4m 31s
  • Apply to the YouTube Partner Program6m 10s
  • Selling merchandise2m 24s
  • Set up memberships for your channel2m 52s
  • Additional YouTube monetization options3m 44s
  • Attract subscribers5m 33s
  • Interact with your YouTube viewers5m 40s
  • Comments on YouTube3m 31s
  • Brand your page8m 11s
  • Create playlists6m 48s
  • Customize your channel page6m 47s
  • Adjusting YouTube audience settings3m 27s
  • Optimize videos for search engines5m 55s
  • Keyword research for SEO6m 10s
  • Edit and add links to videos6m 13s
  • Add translations to videos2m 14s
  • Secrets to successfully launching a new video3m 30s
  • Navigating YouTube analytics4m 33s
  • Next steps50s

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