Managing Logistics

Managing Logistics

Managing Logistics is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, compiled by the author, Steven Brown. This tutorial is an absolute step for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Management, Business, Business Skills, Marketing and Management.

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Author Steven Brown
Publish Date 1/17/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 37m 34s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 13
Last Update N/A

Marketing may win the customers—but logistics keeps them coming back. Logistics play a critical role in a company’s success, controlling how materials get from the supplier to the factory and how finished products get to the customer. Help your company practice more efficient delivery, distribution, and inventory control by learning the ins and outs of logistics. In this course, Professor Steven Brown explains the key decisions and challenges that logistics managers face all along the supply chain. Explore the impact of returns, channel length, warehouse location, customer segmentation, and other factors on your logistics network. Plus, get a clear definition of the role of the logistics manager, so you can decide if it’s the career path for you.

Managing Logistics : Video Lessons

  • The key to logistics management1m 7s
  • What is a logistics manager?1m 43s
  • Make or buy?3m
  • Controlling inventory3m 21s
  • Managing returns3m 20s
  • Managing information flows3m 26s
  • Integrating logistics into the supply chain3m 22s
  • Understanding the bullwhip effect3m 22s
  • Shifting to regional supply chains3m 18s
  • Managing customer demand3m 35s
  • Overcoming obstacles to integration3m 10s
  • Differentiating your customers3m 23s
  • Next steps1m 27s

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