Managing a Customer Service Team

Managing a Customer Service Team

Managing a Customer Service Team is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, compiled by the author, Jeff Toister. This tutorial is an important base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Management, Business, Business Skills, Marketing and Management.

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Author Jeff Toister
Publish Date 3/4/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 19
Last Update 2/18/2020

Secrets to managing customer service teams are revealed in this course by customer service expert Jeff Toister. Learn what separates great service from poor service, and how to set service team goals. Find out how to set up a team and customers for success, explore smart ways to measure service levels, and learn about the true cost of poor service. Plus, explore ways to optimize delivery to provide service that’s faster, less costly, and better.

Topics include:

  • Defining outstanding service
  • Setting customer service goals
  • Aligning a customer service team
  • Exploring the voice of customer feedback
  • Improving service quality
  • Identifying obstacles to outstanding service
  • Helping employees prioritize great service
  • Balancing speed and quality
  • Calculating the cost of poor service
  • The manager’s paradox

Managing a Customer Service Team : Video Lessons

  • Elevating a customer service team1m 8s
  • Developing service standards3m 21s
  • Selecting customer service goals4m 10s
  • Aligning a team around outstanding service3m
  • Understanding how “icebergs” can sink service4m
  • Exploring the voice of customer feedback3m 26s
  • Improving service quality4m 14s
  • Exploring how incentives can hurt service2m 19s
  • Fixing broken service systems3m 31s
  • Empowering employees3m 13s
  • Helping employees prioritize great service2m 58s
  • Putting customer value first3m 9s
  • Balancing speed and quality3m 50s
  • Developing service channels3m 20s
  • Scheduling customer service employees3m 28s
  • Connecting service to the bottom line3m 18s
  • Exploring the escalating costs of service failure3m 33s
  • Exploring the manager's paradox2m 53s
  • Getting a team obsessed with service1m 44s

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