Managing a Customer Contact Center

Managing a Customer Contact Center

Managing a Customer Contact Center is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, written by the author, Brad Cleveland. This tutorial is a critical base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Management, Business and Management.

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Author Brad Cleveland
Publish Date 11/14/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 31m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 25
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Customer contact centers face a number of new developments: more channels, higher levels of complexity, and greater strategic value. In this course, customer strategy and management expert Brad Cleveland shows you how to leverage these developments to set up your organization for maximum success. He outlines the components of a customer access strategy and the forces that make contact centers unique: random workload arrival, the visible or invisible queue, and the seven factors of customer tolerance. He also helps you plan your resources effectively so you can develop accurate forecasts. Last, he demonstrates how to maximize the quality and value of your contact center and use existing quality metrics to improve center performance.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing key contact center trends
  • Realizing the value created by contact centers
  • Developing a customer access strategy
  • Identifying performance gaps
  • Choosing service level and response time objectives
  • Forecasting your workload
  • Establishing a long-term staffing plan
  • Forming measurable objectives
  • Monitoring and coaching individuals

Managing a Customer Contact Center : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 32s
  • What you need to know before watching this course1m 37s
  • Trends shaping today's contact centers2m 55s
  • Maximize impact and value2m 36s
  • Customer access strategy5m 2s
  • Three driving forces in contact centers4m 19s
  • Definition of contact center management1m 53s
  • Introduction to contact center planning1m 54s
  • Accessibility: Service level and response time4m 45s
  • Forecast the workload6m 26s
  • Calculate base staff5m 55s
  • The immutable laws4m 49s
  • Effective scheduling5m 31s
  • Long-term staffing plan4m 1s
  • Realtime management4m 48s
  • Principles of contact center quality3m 6s
  • The contact center process2m 31s
  • Quality tools and methodologies4m 9s
  • Measures and objectives for the contact center2m 58s
  • Measures and objectives for agents3m 22s
  • Monitor and coach4m 29s
  • Key technology developments5m 24s
  • Enable a supporting culture3m 1s
  • The contact center's emerging role2m 40s
  • Next steps2m 7s

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