Magento: Module Creation and Customization Techniques

Magento: Module Creation and Customization Techniques

Magento: Module Creation and Customization Techniques is an Intermediate level study on Web, written by the creator, Sourabh Modi. This study is a critical step for a person who needs to excel in his/her Web talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Ecommerce, Web, Magento, Ecommerce, Web and Magento.

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Author Sourabh Modi
Publish Date 12/6/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 29m
Topic Ecommerce
Video Tutorials 23
Last Update N/A

Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform. With customization—writing your own modules and leveraging popular design patterns—you can make it even better. This course shows how to create rich, interactive, and personalized ecommerce experiences and save time on development using custom modules and the most popular and useful design patterns for Magento 2. Instructor Sourabh Modi shows how to create a custom module step by step, from creating the registration.php and module.xml files to adding a new page to the ecommerce site. He also shows how to use the Interceptor, Publish-Subscribe, and Factory Design patterns to declare plugins and inject personalized customizations, and explains how to display data from a database with the Magento ORM. In chapter four, Sourabh reviews additional Magento customization techniques, such as preferences, plugins, and proxies.

Topics include:

  • Setting up your development environment
  • Installing and upgrading the schema
  • Routing
  • Creating modules
  • Magento ORM
  • Creating models and collections
  • Customizing Magento
  • Defining plugins

Magento: Module Creation and Customization Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Magento customizations46s
  • What you should know47s
  • Environment setup and installation6m 9s
  • Application initialization5m 54s
  • Register a module with Magento4m 10s
  • Install a schema3m 55s
  • Upgrade a schema1m 48s
  • Routing in Magento3m 9s
  • Work with Magento view layer6m 19s
  • Database overview8m 12s
  • Entity attribute value (EAV) in Magento4m 50s
  • Magento object relational mapping (ORM)4m 35s
  • Create a model, resource model, and collections5m 39s
  • Display data from a database on the front end6m
  • Preferences in Magento 26m 18s
  • Understanding plugins in Magento 22m 40s
  • Plugins: A practicle implementation4m 59s
  • Event observers in Magento 28m 18s
  • Virtual types2m 5s
  • Proxies2m 40s
  • Next steps38s

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