macOS Sierra for IT Administrators

macOS Sierra for IT Administrators

macOS Sierra for IT Administrators is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, created by the creator, Sean Colins. This tutorial is an essential foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, IT Help Desk, IT and Hardware, IT, Operating Systems, Mac OS, Business, IT Help Desk, IT and Hardware, IT, Operating Systems and Mac OS.

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Author Sean Colins
Publish Date 1/12/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 18m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 47
Last Update N/A

While Windows dominates the desktop market, Macs are still widely used, especially in smaller organizations. Knowing how to administer and configure macOS is a key skill that any IT admin should know. In this course, Sean Colins looks at Mac’s latest operating system—Sierra—focusing on the most important topics for administrators. You’ll first dive into backing up and restoring Sierra, using the built-in solution, Time Machine, and a cloud-based alternative, Backblaze. You’ll then learn about iCloud administration, including techniques for restoring deleted files from iCloud and disabling iCloud entirely. Next, learn about working with local storage and the new Apple File System (APFS), which—once released—will provide a unified storage solution across macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Then find out how to monitor macOS Sierra using the new console, unified logging system, and commands for collecting, searching, and debugging logs. The course then concludes with an overview of enterprise-wide security solutions for Sierra and how mobile device management can help with system imaging at scale.

Topics include:

  • Backing up macOS Sierra
  • Restoring files
  • Managing iCloud
  • Working with storage
  • Creating Apple File System disk images, containers, and volumes
  • Reviewing logs in the console
  • Using log commands
  • Securing macOS Sierra
  • Configuring Sierra via MDM

macOS Sierra for IT Administrators : Video Lessons

  • Welcome52s
  • Understanding this course1m 54s
  • Back up with Time Machine5m 36s
  • Back up with Backblaze5m 4s
  • Time Machine file restore5m 16s
  • Backblaze file restore3m 7s
  • iCloud Drive desktop and documents9m 27s
  • iCloud deletion recovery6m 13s
  • Getting out of iCloud6m 51s
  • Disable iCloud with MDM restrictions2m 55s
  • Storage tools in macOS6m 13s
  • Disk image tricks5m 26s
  • RAID with Disk Utility reborn6m 33s
  • Defragmenting the user space3m 14s
  • Introduction to APFS9m 24s
  • Convert HFS to APFS5m 10s
  • Create an APFS disk image2m 54s
  • Create an APFS container and volume7m 3s
  • Running a file system check3m 46s
  • The unified logging system4m 37s
  • Reading logs and activities3m 4s
  • Message labels and organization1m 54s
  • Console actions2m
  • Searching through logs3m 43s
  • Viewing connected device logs1m 20s
  • Overview of the log command2m 58s
  • Using predicates to search logs5m 22s
  • Log stream levels and debug logging2m 57s
  • Using log show4m 15s
  • Collecting logs with log collect2m 13s
  • Install a self-signed certificate6m
  • Sierra's updated Gatekeeper2m 53s
  • Troubleshooting Keychain password errors6m 29s
  • Get an enterprise FileVault recovery key2m 17s
  • Enterprise FileVault setup5m
  • Enterprise FileVault implementation3m 49s
  • MDM-based FileVault 2 deployment4m 22s
  • Why MDM?3m 20s
  • Why not image?3m 47s
  • Enroll without DEP3m 42s
  • Configure Time Machine via MDM6m 39s
  • Configure Wi-Fi settings with profiles3m 28s
  • VPN options available via MDM3m 40s
  • Installing applications on Macs via MDM4m 9s
  • Configure a macOS firewall via MDM3m 4s
  • Configuring enterprise printing with MDM3m 19s
  • Next steps52s

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