Luminar: Digital Asset Management

Luminar: Digital Asset Management

Luminar: Digital Asset Management is an Intermediate level study on Photography, compiled by the creator, Derrick Story. This study is an absolute pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Photo Management, Photography, Luminar, Photo Management, Photography and Luminar.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 4/19/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 15m
Topic Luminar
Video Tutorials 51
Last Update N/A

With the release of Luminar 3, you can now use this powerful app to both creatively edit your images and keep your photo collection in order. In this course, join photographer, educator, and author Derrick Story as he shows how to quickly and easily manage your photos with the Luminar catalog feature, as well as how to use the image-editing app’s adjustments to enhance the beauty of your shots. Learn how to import, rate, and sort images from a shoot, create albums, and use shortcuts to more efficiently navigate the library. Plus, learn how to use Luminar as a plugin within Lightroom and Photos, send images from Luminar to Photoshop, and more.

Topics include:

  • How the Luminar catalog works
  • Working with folders
  • Adding shortcuts to help you better navigate the library
  • Creating albums
  • Using the Accent-AI filter
  • Adding a late-day glow to pictures with Golden Hour
  • Using the Orton Effect to creatively stylize images
  • Creating custom looks
  • Using Luminar as a plugin for Lightroom

Luminar: Digital Asset Management : Video Lessons

  • Manage and polish your photos with Luminar 342s
  • Get the most out of this course2m 34s
  • Mac and Windows versions of Luminar2m 45s
  • Overview of how the Luminar catalog works3m 6s
  • A look at the Luminar catalog3m
  • Import images into the catalog4m 21s
  • Rate the shoot3m 7s
  • Sort images from the shoot2m 13s
  • Use Luminar Looks to quickly improve a favorite2m 26s
  • Export finished shots for sharing2m 51s
  • Folders and their function3m 2s
  • What to do if your folders aren't visible1m 37s
  • Create a subfolder2m 3s
  • Show an image or folder in the Finder2m 13s
  • Library shortcuts3m 50s
  • Add custom shortcuts1m 37s
  • Create albums2m 56s
  • Delete an image or folder3m 14s
  • Accent AI filter1m 52s
  • AI Sky Enhancer1m 29s
  • Golden Hour1m 44s
  • Image Radiance2m 48s
  • Orton Effect3m 24s
  • Sunrays3m 21s
  • Adjustable Gradient3m 6s
  • A closer look at filters4m 2s
  • How looks combine filters for creativity and efficiency3m 29s
  • Create custom looks2m 31s
  • Download additional looks2m 28s
  • Choose the right workspace2m 14s
  • Create your own workspace3m 45s
  • Add layers to the mix3m 31s
  • Use blending modes and opacity percentages with layers2m 22s
  • Use the Erase tool2m 45s
  • How to clone and stamp2m 20s
  • Duplicate a file for artistic variation1m 25s
  • Use a gradient mask to improve a sky3m 31s
  • Create a radial mask for portraits3m 40s
  • Copy and paste a mask on a separate layer3m 31s
  • Create a luminosity mask2m 55s
  • Brush specific areas of an image4m 11s
  • Lighten facial marks in a portrait1m 27s
  • Copy and paste adjustments2m 21s
  • Luminar is more than a standalone app1m 14s
  • Use Aurora HDR from within Luminar 32m 11s
  • Use Luminar as a plugin within Lightroom and Photos2m 1s
  • Open images with Quick Edit4m 1s
  • Open an image in Photoshop1m 57s
  • Share an image to SmugMug2m 16s
  • Back up your images2m 30s
  • Next steps1m 31s

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