Luminar: Creative Projects

Luminar: Creative Projects

Luminar: Creative Projects is an Advanced level course on Photography, crafted by an expert, Richard Harrington. This course is an absolute step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography, Raw Processing, Luminar, Photography, Raw Processing and Luminar.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 2/2/2018
Skill Advanced
Duration 1h 45m
Topic Luminar
Video Tutorials 29
Last Update N/A

Discover how to use Luminar—the powerful photo editor from Skylum—to enhance and retouch your photos. This course helps to acquaint you with the specific tools of the software—and how to use them to get professional results—by exploring different genres of photography. Learn practical techniques that are applicable to all photos, as well as advice that applies to specific genres of photography, including portrait, landscape, aerial, and nature. This course also shares how to analyze images to spot problems, as well as how to work with layers and masks.

Topics include:

  • Key features in Skylum Luminar 2018
  • Using essential image editing controls
  • Developing aerial photographs
  • Creating beautiful landscape photos
  • Creating inspirational nature photos
  • Portrait photo editing essentials
  • Fixing a group of photos with a batch process

Luminar: Creative Projects : Video Lessons

  • What's covered in this course4m 9s
  • Differences between the Mac and PC platform1m 3s
  • A quick tour of Luminar7m 10s
  • Getting started with the quick and awesome workspace6m 40s
  • Essential image controls6m 43s
  • Additional essential image controls4m 43s
  • Developing aerial photographs, part 18m 35s
  • Developing aerial photographs, part 24m 40s
  • Creating beautiful landscape photos, part 14m 37s
  • Creating beautiful landscape photos, part 27m 1s
  • Creating beautiful landscape photos, part 34m 24s
  • Creating inspirational nature photos8m 25s
  • Creating dramatic black and white photos, part 17m 12s
  • Creating dramatic black and white photos, part 26m 20s
  • Portrait photo editing essentials, part 16m 58s
  • Portrait photo editing essentials, part 24m 50s
  • Portrait photo editing essentials, part 35m 6s
  • Quickly fix a group of photos with a batch process5m 58s
  • Closing advice33s

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