Logic Pro X: Mixing and Mastering

Logic Pro X: Mixing and Mastering

Logic Pro X: Mixing and Mastering is an Intermediate level study on Audio + Music, written by the creator, Skye Lewin. This study is a critical base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Audio + Music skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Audio + Music, DAWs, Photography, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Plugin, Logic Pro, Audio + Music, DAWs, Photography, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Plugin and Logic Pro.

Free Download - Logic Pro X: Mixing and Mastering
Author Skye Lewin
Publish Date 9/9/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 15m
Topic Audio + Music
Video Tutorials 42
Last Update N/A

In this course, composer and producer/engineer Skye Lewin shares his professional mixing and mastering techniques using Logic Pro X. He starts by showing how to prepare a project for mixing, from importing tracks to organizing them visually. Skye then discusses working with Logic’s mixer: controlling signal flow, working with plugins, and using sends and returns, groups, and the master output. Next, Skye dives into mixing a song, covering balance, equalization (EQ), dynamics and compression, reverb and delay, automation, and bouncing down the mix. Finally, Skye covers mastering techniques, including applying EQ, compression, and limiting; setting the song order; and understanding how concepts like bit depth, sample rate, file formats, and dither affect sound quality.

Topics include:

  • Importing audio
  • Using Track Stacks
  • Working with the Logic Mixer
  • Mixing a song
  • Automating and bouncing the mix
  • Mastering the final track(s)

Logic Pro X: Mixing and Mastering : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 5s
  • What you should know before watching this course43s
  • Using the exercise files41s
  • Importing audio into your project8m 7s
  • Organizing your project7m 43s
  • Using screensets and markers5m 53s
  • Using Track Stacks3m 55s
  • Using project alternatives3m 28s
  • Touring the Logic Mixer3m 2s
  • Reviewing signal flow4m 7s
  • Using sends and returns3m 57s
  • Setting up a submix3m 56s
  • Using groups1m 31s
  • Working with plugins and Channel Strip settings in the Mixer5m 44s
  • Using the output and the master channel3m 44s
  • Choosing a mix approach4m 26s
  • Balancing the mix9m 33s
  • Understanding EQ4m 16s
  • Applying EQ10m
  • Understanding dynamics and compression7m 29s
  • Applying dynamics and compression14m 52s
  • Understanding reverb3m 57s
  • Understanding delay5m 49s
  • Using reverb and delay10m 14s
  • Exploring more effects plugins7m 4s
  • Mixing vocals9m 9s
  • Mixing a pop vocal track16m 58s
  • Mixing acoustic drums10m 36s
  • Mixing electronic/EDM drums14m 8s
  • Automating the mix5m 21s
  • Using a control surface6m 47s
  • Editing automation3m 26s
  • Bouncing the mix6m 47s
  • Understanding mastering6m 18s
  • Using equalization (EQ) to make multiple songs sound cohesive11m 25s
  • Using compression and limiting to control dynamics14m 28s
  • Auditioning track order5m 21s
  • Understanding sample rate, bit resolution, file formats, and dither7m 51s
  • Next steps1m 34s

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