Logic Pro X Essential Training (2013)

Logic Pro X Essential Training (2013)

Logic Pro X Essential Training (2013) is an Beginner level course on Audio + Music, produced by the author, Scott Hirsch. This course is an essential step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Audio + Music expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Audio + Music, DAWs, Photography, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Recording Techniques, Plugin, Logic Pro, Audio + Music, DAWs, Photography, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Recording Techniques, Plugin and Logic Pro.

Free Download - Logic Pro X Essential Training (2013)
Author Scott Hirsch
Publish Date 9/30/2013
Skill Beginner
Duration 7h 18m
Topic Audio + Music
Video Tutorials 74
Last Update N/A

These days, the studio is as much a part of music making as the musician. Logic Pro X combines the best of both worlds: features to bring fresh musical ideas to life, and tools to derive the most from a performance. In this course, Scott Hirsch takes you over the Logic learning curve, showing how to compose, record, edit, and mix great sounding tracks. First, get comfortable with the setup and workflow, and then learn how to record audio, MIDI, and virtual instruments. Scott shows how to use samples and Apple Loops, and conform their time and pitch to better fit a song. Next, learn about editing and arranging techniques for both audio and MIDI data. Moving deeper into the program, Scott explains how to work with music notation and score to video. He wraps up the course with extensive information on mixing, exporting, and sharing your final tracks.

Topics include:

  • Exploring templates
  • Controlling playback
  • Making beats with Ultrabeat
  • Jamming on the iPad with Logic Remote
  • Recording MIDI in separate takes
  • Quantizing MIDI performances
  • Creating Apple Loops
  • Recording live performances
  • Composing in the Score Editor
  • Scoring music to video
  • Mixing with patches
  • Adding reverb and delay
  • Bouncing down your mix

Logic Pro X Essential Training (2013) : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 7s
  • What you should know before watching this course49s
  • Using the exercise files1m 14s
  • Installing Logic Pro X3m 20s
  • Exploring templates7m 52s
  • Working with audio interfaces4m 21s
  • Intro to MIDI in Logic Pro X6m 25s
  • Getting to know Logic preferences3m 18s
  • Exploring the new main window6m 19s
  • Working with windows and screensets5m 42s
  • Controlling playback6m 25s
  • Getting to know the tools3m 30s
  • Useful, custom key commands7m 53s
  • Naming tracks and regions6m 50s
  • Controlling Logic playback with the Logic Remote iPad app2m 27s
  • Saving and going mobile with your project7m 57s
  • Exploring the way patches are created10m 47s
  • Discovering Smart controls6m 36s
  • Working with Track Stacks5m 27s
  • Making beats with Ultrabeat12m 25s
  • How to create drum parts using the new Drummer track13m 29s
  • Diving deeper into how Drummer tracks can be customized6m 44s
  • Jamming on iPad with Logic Remote6m 35s
  • An introduction to MIDI recording9m 23s
  • Recording MIDI in separate takes8m
  • Merge recording with MIDI6m 30s
  • Working with Step Input recording6m 49s
  • Exploring MIDI plugins: The Arpeggiator7m 45s
  • Exploring MIDI plugins: Chord Trigger5m 10s
  • How to quantize MIDI performances9m 52s
  • Editing your performances in the Piano Roll Editor8m 51s
  • Using MIDI Draw in the Piano Roll Editor5m 26s
  • Alternative MIDI editing approaches with the Step Editor6m 41s
  • Utilizing the Event List5m 54s
  • Importing audio9m 31s
  • Exploring Apple Loops9m 47s
  • Creating Apple Loops6m 5s
  • Adjusting tempos5m 34s
  • Exploring Flex Time7m 10s
  • Working with the groove track2m 41s
  • Beat mapping your project6m 19s
  • Importing elements from one project to another5m 5s
  • Setting up for recording7m 52s
  • Recording a band7m 55s
  • Punching in and loop recording with audio6m 57s
  • Recording multiple takes and comping parts6m 45s
  • Working with audio regions8m 52s
  • Exploring drag modes with audio regions4m 43s
  • Exploring Flex Pitch5m 11s
  • Editing in the Audio File Editor3m 4s
  • Arranging projects with Arrangement Track5m 37s
  • Composing in the Score Editor8m 7s
  • Editing in the Score Editor3m 31s
  • Creating scores and printing lead sheets for musicians3m 59s
  • Setting up for a sync-video project6m 14s
  • Scoring music to video6m 45s
  • Round-tripping with Final Cut Pro4m 14s
  • Surround hardware requirements4m 34s
  • Using the Surround Panner6m 21s
  • Setting up for the mix6m 20s
  • Mapping controls for hands-on mixing2m 8s
  • Panning in Logic5m 20s
  • Mixing with patches4m 35s
  • Working with submixes and Track Stacks4m 28s
  • Adding reverb and delay to your mix5m 54s
  • Giving your mix life and movement with automation5m 48s
  • Recording automation in real time8m 5s
  • Optimize CPU performance with Freeze Tracks5m 25s
  • Mastering with your output fader4m 44s
  • Bouncing down your mix6m 27s
  • Importing from GarageBand and Logic Pro 9 and earlier4m 28s
  • Sharing your music3m 49s
  • Next steps35s

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