Linux Tips Weekly

Linux Tips Weekly

Linux Tips Weekly is an Intermediate level study on Business, produced by the creator, Scott Simpson. This study is an essential pillar for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Business expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, IT, Operating Systems, Linux, Business, IT, Operating Systems and Linux.

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Author Scott Simpson
Publish Date 10/3/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 10h 27m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 129
Last Update 4/7/2020

Linux is the operating system of choice for enterprises that need a stable, agile, and open-source platform, and it’s only getting more popular. Qualified system administrators are in demand. If you’ve been anticipating a transition to Linux for your company or your career, or thinking about using Linux at home, this series presents a great opportunity to explore it—one tip at a time. Instructor covers a wide range of topics relevant to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge of Linux core concepts, including virtualization, the Linux file system, file management, file transfer, process management, multitasking, networking, and security. Plus, learn about compatible hardware and the Linux desktop experience. Tune in each week to get a new tip, and keep learning Linux all year long.

Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.

Linux Tips Weekly : Video Lessons

  • Understanding chroot3m 16s
  • Welcome1m 4s
  • Foundations: What's Linux?5m 26s
  • Foundations: Distros10m 50s
  • Foundations: Installing Linux in a virtual machine6m 30s
  • Foundations: USB installer7m 46s
  • Foundations: Installing Linux5m 17s
  • Foundations: Dual-booting your system4m 18s
  • Foundations: Linux on a VPS4m 2s
  • Linux on Azure7m 21s
  • Google Cloud Platform3m 37s
  • Linux on DigitalOcean6m 39s
  • System basics: The Linux file system6m 35s
  • System basics: The command line5m 23s
  • System basics: Keyboard shortcuts1m 40s
  • System basics: sudo access and root4m 57s
  • System basics: Explore a system4m 38s
  • System basics: Exploring Bash7m
  • System basics: Bash scripting basics4m 59s
  • System basics: The Bash prompt6m 2s
  • System basics: Bash output redirection4m 57s
  • Bash expansions and substitutions4m 23s
  • Bash aliases and functions4m 7s
  • Bash operators6m 55s
  • Logs5m 4s
  • Grub3m 19s
  • SysV init4m 43s
  • Systemd5m 29s
  • Cron8m 7s
  • System basics: User and group management8m 39s
  • System basics: Service management3m 44s
  • Backing up data with rsync5m 35s
  • Splitting and combining files3m 3s
  • Environment configuration files2m 43s
  • Files on Linux4m 10s
  • File system basics: Archives6m 22s
  • File system basics: Permissions 1014m 43s
  • Loop devices4m 35s
  • Configuring group file shares4m 37s
  • Managing space on the file system5m 3s
  • Overlay file systems4m 17s
  • Bind mounts2m
  • Working with text: Vim 1015m 15s
  • Working with text: Emacs 1015m 42s
  • Working with text: nano 1015m 29s
  • Working with text: grep4m 23s
  • Working with text: Regular expressions4m 57s
  • Working with text: sed7m 24s
  • Working with text: AWK2m 51s
  • Working with text: cut and sort4m 14s
  • Working with text: ed 1016m 17s
  • Package management: Basics6m 59s
  • aptitude5m 43s
  • dpkg2m 20s
  • yum and DNF4m 58s
  • RPM3m 24s
  • Creating your own packages3m 12s
  • Adding third-party repositories with APT7m 6s
  • Adding third-party repositories with Yum1m 46s
  • Create a local APT repository7m 25s
  • Create an APT repository for your network5m 56s
  • Mirror repositories to save bandwidth3m 5s
  • Zypper4m 17s
  • Using Flatpak4m 11s
  • Remote files: curl and wget4m 42s
  • SSH: Secure access8m 8s
  • SSH: Transferring files with scp and sftp5m 41s
  • SSH: Managing and distributing keys6m 34s
  • SSH: Tunnels3m 46s
  • Browsing the web through a proxy server4m 28s
  • X11 forwarding2m 52s
  • Using a SOCKS proxy4m 53s
  • Using a Squid proxy8m 43s
  • Process management: ps4m 30s
  • Process management: top4m 53s
  • Process management: htop6m 11s
  • Process management: System load2m 53s
  • Process management: fg, bg, and kill4m 35s
  • Manage terminal sessions with screen4m 17s
  • Manage terminal sessions with tmux3m 16s
  • Customizing tmux3m 32s
  • Firewall basics4m 5s
  • Understanding iptables6m 41s
  • Exploring UFW: Uncomplicated firewall5m 29s
  • File checksums3m 48s
  • Services: Network Time Protocol (NTP)3m 45s
  • Encrypting files7m 14s
  • Encrypted filesystems6m 58s
  • AppArmor4m 2s
  • Security systems: SELinux4m 33s
  • Disks and partitions6m 42s
  • Logical volume management9m 59s
  • Create a RAID array9m 10s
  • Repairing a RAID array4m 44s
  • Local IP address5m 15s
  • Predictable network interface names4m 51s
  • DNS5m 40s
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux7m 20s
  • Exploring virtualization5m 28s
  • Exploring containers5m 19s
  • Exploring Fedora3m 8s
  • Ubuntu desktop 18.042m
  • Changing the default shell3m 30s
  • Exploring other shells2m 5s
  • Blocking ads on your network with Pi-hole6m 35s
  • Exploring CentOS2m 6s
  • Exploring Zsh5m 41s
  • Osquery4m 28s
  • Exploring fish5m 21s
  • Exploring csh and tcsh2m 34s
  • Using diff to compare files3m 54s
  • Using xargs3m 41s
  • Configuring and managing logs4m 32s
  • Job control3m 59s
  • Using watch and time3m 5s
  • Recording a terminal session3m 14s
  • Exploring Debian1m 49s
  • Recover a system with Live Boot7m 6s
  • Rescue mode and Emergency mode3m 35s
  • Linux on an old PC6m 7s
  • Planning a portable bootable disk3m 12s
  • Creating a portable bootable disk5m 31s
  • Host your own Apache web server5m 32s
  • Set up Let’s Encrypt on a web server5m 3s
  • Host a personal cloud with Nextcloud4m 50s
  • Hosting email services3m 7s
  • Set up a print server with CUPS6m 5s

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