Lightroom: Workflow Strategies

Lightroom: Workflow Strategies

Lightroom: Workflow Strategies is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, produced by the creator, Chris Orwig. This tutorial is an essential base for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Lightroom, Photo Management, Photography and Lightroom.

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Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 4/9/2012
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 13m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 37
Last Update N/A

In this course, Chris Orwig navigates through several real-world photography assignment scenarios and introduces his workflow recommendations in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for each one, whether on-site, in the field, or back at the office. For a wedding or other event, Chris shows how to import images quickly, batch process the pictures, and create a slideshow to display during the event or import to Facebook. Back at the office, Chris demonstrates how the images can be reprocessed and exported for printing at a lab or burning to DVD.

The second workflow covers location shoots for travel photography. Chris shows how to label photos with travel-specific keywords and add locations to photos with the Lightroom Map module. At home the images can be added to catalogs, laid out in a book format, or printed on multi-image sheets.

The final two methodologies cover the editorial or commercial process and a more personal and creative one. Whatever the shooting scenario, this course offers an organized and comprehensive workflow for taking photographs through the editing process in Lightroom.

Lightroom: Workflow Strategies : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 2s
  • Using the exercise files1m 5s
  • Importing images on-site7m 30s
  • Creating a slideshow template7m 37s
  • Selecting photos for a slideshow7m 26s
  • Setting up for quick and easy batch processing7m 38s
  • Finishing the batch processing3m 36s
  • Launching the event slideshow5m 34s
  • Uploading photos to Facebook during the event4m 59s
  • Grouping photos into general collections5m 25s
  • Using collections to sort out the keepers8m 30s
  • Organizing collections based on subject matter4m 54s
  • Batch processing color and black-and-white images4m 56s
  • Exporting photos for lab printing4m 47s
  • Exporting high-resolution photos for DVD or drives5m 35s
  • Compressing and archiving the images5m 40s
  • Getting started with travel collections3m 9s
  • Labeling the photos5m 25s
  • Adding travel-specific keywords and captions5m 28s
  • Adding locations to the Map module3m 49s
  • Processing the images5m 57s
  • Combining multiple catalogs2m 49s
  • Exporting images and merging laptop and desktop catalogs7m 37s
  • Designing a Blurb book5m 53s
  • Customizing the interior of the book2m 31s
  • Customizing the book cover5m 6s
  • Sending the book to Blurb2m 36s
  • Creating multiple-image print layouts6m 6s
  • Emailing low-resolution photos for client review4m 49s
  • Creating a web gallery for client review5m 11s
  • Exporting and sending full-resolution photos3m 38s
  • Evaluating and processing the photos7m 3s
  • Working with virtual copies6m 13s
  • Exploring creative black-and-white processes5m 34s
  • Removing and adding color5m 13s
  • Using the Print module for virtual layouts6m 29s
  • Goodbye40s

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