Lightroom Quick Tips

Lightroom Quick Tips

Lightroom Quick Tips is an Beginner level course on Photography, created by the author, Natalie Fobes. This course is a critical pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Retouching and Lightroom.

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Author Natalie Fobes
Publish Date 1/3/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 17m 52s
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 17
Last Update N/A

This collection of Adobe Lightroom quick tip videos is designed to show you workarounds, demonstrate helpful tricks, and quickly explain useful features. Discover quick ways to remove spots, lines, and other distractions. Plus, explore how to smooth wrinkles, tone down reflections, whiten teeth, and more.

Topics include:

  • Removing simple spots
  • Removing light and dark areas
  • Removing distracting elements
  • Removing lines
  • Dehazing
  • Darkening sky
  • Adding tone to blown out highlights
  • Adding saturation selectively
  • Fading the edge of a headshot
  • Changing eye color
  • Black and white with selective toning

Lightroom Quick Tips : Video Lessons

  • Minute tips for working efficiently in Lightroom42s
  • Using the Healing Brush in Heal mode57s
  • Using the Healing Brush in Clone mode1m 36s
  • Removing light areas54s
  • Removing complicated distracting elements1m 21s
  • Removing lines1m 22s
  • Dehazing49s
  • Darkening or brightening a sky46s
  • Lightening foreground1m 15s
  • Adding tone to blown-out highlights50s
  • Adding saturation selectively1m 26s
  • Creating center of interest1m 12s
  • Creating global vignettes30s
  • Adding elements with the Healing Brush1m 2s
  • Changing eye color1m 6s
  • Selectively toning a black and white photo1m 6s
  • Copy and paste settings to multiple photos58s

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