Lightroom: Mastering Adjustments and Editing

Lightroom: Mastering Adjustments and Editing

Lightroom: Mastering Adjustments and Editing is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the author, Bryan O'Neil Hughes. This course is an essential step for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom, Photography, Raw Processing and Lightroom.

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Author Bryan O'Neil Hughes
Publish Date 5/16/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 6m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 51
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At the heart of Lightroom is a module where you can make your photos look their best by adjusting exposure, levels, noise, perspective, and more. In this course, Bryan O’Neil Hughes—the director of product management at Adobe—explores the Develop module, providing in-depth training, sharing insights, and showing some automation tricks. See how to adjust tone and temperature, how to make lens corrections to fix distortion, and how to cull your images. Discover how to make global changes to a batch and how to use adjustment brushes to limit changes. Then, learn how to use Lightroom on a mobile device. Also, find out how to bring a Lightroom project into Photoshop. Bryan closes the course by discussing social sharing processes and essential keyboard shortcuts that you can use.

Topics include:

  • Adjusting photographs in Lightroom
  • Using the Develop module
  • Fixing white balance and temperature
  • Applying HDR adjustments
  • Sharpening images
  • Making lens corrections
  • Fixing perspective
  • Retouching images using a brush
  • Adjusting clarity and haze
  • Applying graduated filters
  • Culling photos in Lightroom
  • Sharing images
  • Using shortcuts in Lightroom

Lightroom: Mastering Adjustments and Editing : Video Lessons

  • The Lightroom Develop module is your key to amazing images33s
  • Develop: The heart of Lightroom1m 44s
  • Which Lightroom is best for you?4m 5s
  • Order of operations2m 23s
  • The importance of Auto2m 25s
  • Creative profiles1m 32s
  • White balance and temperature2m 43s
  • Tone: Basic and Curves6m 43s
  • Color5m 37s
  • B&W and toning5m 38s
  • Workflow in Lightroom2m 7s
  • HDR and post6m 24s
  • Sharpening: Global and variable5m 27s
  • Noise Reduction and grain addition6m 48s
  • Lens correction, upright, and manual perspective control5m 17s
  • Clarity, vignetting, and Dehaze4m 4s
  • Precision sliders and using the alt or opt key2m 32s
  • In-depth workflow in Lightroom1m 37s
  • Crop and draw to straighten3m 56s
  • Retouching and the adjustment brush5m 33s
  • Graduated filters5m 55s
  • Multiple graduated filters for special effects2m 43s
  • Adjustment brush tricks2m 51s
  • Develop workflow3m 41s
  • Develop tools workflow in Lightroom2m 15s
  • Match total exposure2m 20s
  • Synching settings2m 41s
  • The power of presets3m 31s
  • Applying presets on import2m 32s
  • Before, after, and history2m 49s
  • Differences between Lightroom and Classic workflow2m 19s
  • Syncing from Lightroom to mobile1m 47s
  • Lightroom mobile phone raw and HDR capture3m 22s
  • Quick edits3m 30s
  • Deeper edits2m 17s
  • Accessing Lightroom anywhere2m 25s
  • Sharing, collaboration, and culling1m 51s
  • When to go to Photoshop4m 24s
  • Creative imaging3m 17s
  • Retouching2m 26s
  • Magic3m 45s
  • Video3m 7s
  • Next steps36s

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