Lightroom: Get Professional Results

Lightroom: Get Professional Results

Lightroom: Get Professional Results is an Beginner level study on Photography, crafted by the author, Theresa Jackson. This study is a critical base for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Photography, Retouching and Lightroom.

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Author Theresa Jackson
Publish Date 9/18/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 26m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 22
Last Update N/A

Explore the powerful photo-improvement capabilities of Adobe Lightroom for transforming average images into professional-looking photos. Learn how to crop images for better composition, correct photos for amazing color, and improve lighting and exposure. Discover ways to enhance details, learn how to use the histogram, and learn about when you might need to move up to Photoshop.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the histogram
  • Enhancing image details
  • Adding a vignette effect
  • Reducing noise
  • Straightening a subject with geometry
  • Making creative color adjustments for drama
  • Reducing distractions
  • Highlighting your subject
  • Adding and smoothing detail
  • Exporting photos
  • Selecting file options for web or print

Lightroom: Get Professional Results : Video Lessons

  • Editing with Lightroom1m 38s
  • What you should know2m 10s
  • An overview of file formats3m 46s
  • Profiles for a better starting point4m 41s
  • White balance for mood or color correction4m
  • White balance for product photography2m 13s
  • Crop for composition5m 6s
  • Get to know your histogram5m 40s
  • Correct exposure with light adjustments5m 37s
  • Enhance image details for interest4m 25s
  • Vignette effects for composition3m 9s
  • Noise reduction to the rescue3m 32s
  • Straighten your subject with geometry4m 7s
  • Use Color Mixer for added drama4m 4s
  • Reduce distractions with Linear Gradient4m 53s
  • Highlight subject with Radial Gradient4m 30s
  • Light paint with the Brush tool5m 28s
  • Add or remove details with the Brush tool4m 18s
  • Repair images with Healing Brush4m
  • Save to file options for web or print4m 3s
  • Do you need Photoshop?4m 17s
  • Level up your new Lightroom skills47s

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