Lightroom Classic CC: Shortcuts

Lightroom Classic CC: Shortcuts

Lightroom Classic CC: Shortcuts is an Advanced level course on Photography, created by the author, Chris Orwig. This course is an absolute foundation for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing and Lightroom.

Free Download - Lightroom Classic CC: Shortcuts
Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 10/2/2015
Skill Advanced
Duration 2h 1m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 60
Last Update N/A

Take the shortcut! Work faster and more efficiently in Lightroom Classic CC with this collection of keyboard and mouse shortcuts from photographer and educator Chris Orwig. Switch screen modes and panels, import photos faster, delete unwanted images, rate and filter photos, crop smarter, develop more beautiful images, sync settings, reapply adjustments, and more—all with the touch of a button or key. Chris also points you toward resources for learning more, including a website where you can download all known Lightroom Classic CC shortcuts for free.

Lightroom Classic CC: Shortcuts : Video Lessons

  • Welcome39s
  • Using the challenge and solution videos24s
  • Using the exercise files25s
  • Selecting the best screen mode2m 47s
  • How to show and hide the panels1m 55s
  • Lights Out and Interface preferences4m 3s
  • Understanding image views and view options5m 36s
  • Using the Rename, Rotate, and Zoom tools3m 39s
  • Importing faster38s
  • Editing in Photoshop and Export2m 15s
  • Working with stars, labels, or flags4m 34s
  • Filtering based on stars, labels, or flags2m 49s
  • Quickly deleting unwanted images1m 48s
  • Reviewing two shortcuts for keywording1m 44s
  • Using face-tagging shortcuts2m 18s
  • Working with groups and stacks3m 15s
  • Creating and using collections5m 37s
  • Shortcuts for emailing your photos1m 7s
  • Challenge: Navigate, rate, and filter1m 1s
  • Solution: Navigate, rate, and filter5m
  • Quickly correcting tone and white balance2m 4s
  • Reviewing the essential panel shortcuts1m 51s
  • More efficient imaging processing3m 5s
  • Using the keyboard to process your images2m 19s
  • Better black-and-white photographs2m 50s
  • Before-and-after views of your photos2m 22s
  • Creating snapshots and virtual copies3m 14s
  • Challenge: Edit and improve a portrait1m 16s
  • Solution: Edit and improve a portrait5m 44s
  • Selecting the tools1m 15s
  • Customizing the Adjustment Brush size, Feather, and Flow2m 46s
  • Inverting the Graduated and Radial Filters1m 56s
  • Accessing the brush inside of the Graduated and Radial Filters2m 36s
  • Fine-tuning the Radial Filter2m 47s
  • Duplicating adjustments2m 40s
  • Cropping power tips2m 38s
  • Challenge: Edit and improve a photo1m 5s
  • Solution: Edit and improve a photo7m 19s
  • Copying and pasting settings1m 24s
  • Synchronizing settings across multiple images1m 9s
  • Quickly applying the previous settings1m 11s
  • Essential Map shortcuts1m 41s
  • Essential Book shortcuts3m 5s
  • Essential Slideshow shortcuts4m 2s
  • Essential Print shortcuts3m 25s
  • Essential Web shortcuts2m 39s
  • Downloading Lightroom shortcuts for free1m 12s
  • Next steps12s

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