Lightroom Classic CC: Creating High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos

Lightroom Classic CC: Creating High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos

Lightroom Classic CC: Creating High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos is an Advanced level course on Photography, compiled by the author, Richard Harrington. This course is an essential base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on HDR, Photography, Lightroom, HDR, Photography and Lightroom.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 7/13/2015
Skill Advanced
Duration 3h 32m
Topic HDR
Video Tutorials 50
Last Update N/A

While HDR photography has its fans and its detractors, just about every photographer loves having some control over dynamic range. Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC offer an entirely new approach to HDR imaging with the ability to merge multiple exposures into an all-new Digital Negative (DNG) file. This file gives you even more precise control over shadows, highlights, clarity, and contrast—with minimal changes to your shooting and post-production workflow.

In this course, Rich Harrington shows how to get the most of Lightroom’s Photomerge command and its image development and enhancement features to get more control over the dynamic range of your images. Along the way, he provides tips for shooting HDR photos, creating black-and-white versions of images, and combining Lightroom with Photoshop and Photomatix Pro.

Topics include:

  • Shooting strategies for HDR
  • Sorting and organizing HDR images
  • Merging HDR photos
  • Correcting lens issues
  • When to skip auto options
  • Modifying the crop
  • Choosing a custom white balance
  • Using split toning
  • Reducing noise
  • Merging for black and white
  • Combining Lightroom Classic CC with Photoshop and Photomatix Pro

Lightroom Classic CC: Creating High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 41s
  • What you should know before watching this course1m 11s
  • Using the exercise files1m 12s
  • Shooting strategies for HDR photos5m 37s
  • How many brackets do you need?2m 53s
  • Additional HDR photography equipment6m 4s
  • Breaking the rules and fixing it in post6m 6s
  • Manually sorting HDR images after import2m 36s
  • Automatically stacking HDR images based on shoot time2m 20s
  • Organizing HDR images with collections and stacks4m 50s
  • Develop and merge or merge and develop?7m 44s
  • How Lightroom is different from Photoshop's Merge to HDR Pro7m 47s
  • Required metadata and properties for merging HDR photos2m 25s
  • Speeding up the HDR Photomerge process6m 11s
  • Analyzing the preview image1m 43s
  • Correcting lens issues with lens profiles4m 40s
  • Developing the new HDR DNG file4m 20s
  • Organization and naming strategies for merged files3m 58s
  • When to skip auto-aligning2m 15s
  • When to skip Auto Tone2m 48s
  • Choosing a deghost amount6m 20s
  • Modifying the crop after the merge2m 27s
  • Additional ghosting strategies3m 44s
  • Choosing a custom white balance2m 46s
  • Using the HSL controls to remove color cast4m 16s
  • Using split toning to refine color balance2m 52s
  • Invoking upright and manual adjustments2m 36s
  • Manually toning the HDR image3m 49s
  • Reducing noise in the HDR file4m 10s
  • Sharpening the HDR file2m 32s
  • Running in Headless mode2m 40s
  • Viewing progress in the Activity Center1m 27s
  • Modifying the image and reusing the settings5m 17s
  • Shooting strategies for black and white images5m 4s
  • Merging for black and white5m 9s
  • Refining contrast in the black-and-white image2m 53s
  • Creating a custom black-and-white mix5m 43s
  • The Creative Cloud connection3m 38s
  • Preparing the HDR file for Photoshop6m 9s
  • Exchanging the HDR file with Photoshop8m 2s
  • Advanced strategies to correct color cast6m 28s
  • Advanced healing and cloning in Photoshop4m 16s
  • Additional lens correction7m 42s
  • Invoking Camera Raw as a filter3m 4s
  • Sending the image back to your Lightroom catalog2m 47s
  • What is Photomatix Pro?2m 45s
  • Exchanging raw files to Photomatix Pro11m 26s
  • Advanced deghosting in Photomatix Pro8m 39s
  • Exchanging a merged file to Photomatix Pro and Tone Mapping4m 24s
  • Next steps52s

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