Lightroom and Photoshop Elements: Integration

Lightroom and Photoshop Elements: Integration

Lightroom and Photoshop Elements: Integration is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, compiled by the author, Jan Kabili. This tutorial is a critical base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Photo Management, Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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Author Jan Kabili
Publish Date 2/3/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 43m
Topic Lightroom
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

By combining Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, you can take full advantage of each program’s capabilities. Use Lightroom for photo organizing, sharing, and basic image enhancement. When you need more advanced retouching and editing features, one click sends a photo from Lightroom to Photoshop Elements.

In this course, photographer and author Jan Kabili shows how to combine both programs. She begins with details on how to set up Lightroom and Photoshop Elements for maximum compatibility. The course then covers strategies for working with photos in a variety of formats (including raw), and practical scenarios for using Lightroom and Photoshop Elements together. Learn how to composite multiple photos with layers and selections, retouch portraits, and add creative effects and text to photos. Want to move to Lightroom permanently? Jan also shows how to upgrade a catalog from Elements to Lightroom.

Topics include:

  • Why should you use Lightroom and Elements together?
  • Setting up Elements as Lightroom’s editor
  • Editing raw photos and TIFFs, PSDs, and JPEGs
  • Compositing
  • Blending bracketed exposures
  • Stitching panoramas
  • Adding creative effects, text, and graphics
  • Upgrading a catalog from Lightroom to Elements

Lightroom and Photoshop Elements: Integration : Video Lessons

  • Welcome44s
  • Who this course is for2m 14s
  • What you need to know first55s
  • Why use Lightroom and Elements together?2m 25s
  • Importing exercise files into Lightroom3m 34s
  • Understanding Lightroom's external editing preferences3m 51s
  • Setting up Lightroom's primary external editing preferences for Elements4m
  • Setting up Lightroom's stacking preferences52s
  • Setting up Lightroom's file-naming preferences3m 21s
  • Maximizing PSD compatibility in Elements1m 42s
  • Setting up Elements as a Lightroom additional external editor when Photoshop is installed4m 18s
  • Creating presets for Elements as Lightroom's additional external editor2m 49s
  • Overview of the raw Lightroom-to-Elements workflow3m 33s
  • Performing initial raw processing in Lightroom9m 5s
  • Passing the raw photo from Lightroom to Elements (Windows)5m 55s
  • Passing the raw photo from Lightroom to Elements (Mac)3m 9s
  • Editing pixels in Elements1m 58s
  • Saving from Elements back to Lightroom2m 13s
  • Fine-tuning in Lightroom5m 9s
  • Choosing Edit Original5m 17s
  • Choosing Edit a Copy5m 40s
  • Choosing Edit a Copy with Lightroom adjustments6m 21s
  • Returning to Elements for revisions2m 24s
  • Starting with a JPEG6m 6s
  • Compositing with selections and masks5m 36s
  • Completing the composite5m 54s
  • Blending bracketed exposures3m 39s
  • Completing the bracketed exposure6m 45s
  • Stitching a panorama8m 49s
  • Beginning a portrait retouch in Lightroom5m 13s
  • Performing additional retouching in Elements8m 29s
  • Finishing the retouching in Lightroom6m 24s
  • Removing objects5m 42s
  • Adding creative effects3m 3s
  • Adding text and graphics5m 3s
  • Importing the exercise files into Elements Organizer2m 17s
  • Managing photos in the Elements Organizer3m 21s
  • Upgrading an Elements catalog to a Lightroom catalog4m 52s
  • Goodbye20s

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