Learning Wedding Photography

Learning Wedding Photography

Learning Wedding Photography is an Intermediate level course on Photography, created by an expert, Chris Orwig. This course is a critical foundation for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Photography, Portraits, Photography and Portraits.

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Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 3/1/2013
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 32m
Topic Photography
Video Tutorials 26
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If you’re a photographer (an enthusiast or a pro), you’ll eventually be asked to photograph a wedding: a task that’s both a privilege and a challenge. You’re capturing one of life’s most significant milestones. You’re shooting an event filled with unpredictable moments that can’t be re-created, and you need to be involved without being intrusive. It’s a balancing act that professional wedding photographers work hard to perfect.

Chris Orwig has been in exactly this position, and in this course, he shares his experiences and creative insights, all liberally illustrated with examples from weddings that he has photographed. The course begins with details on preproduction—your gear and equipment decisions and the importance of talking to the bride and groom about their goals for your photographs. It also explores some key strategies for documenting the ceremony and the celebration afterwards. Lastly, Chris reviews some postproduction strategies for enhancing your images and delivering them to the happy couple.

Learning Wedding Photography : Video Lessons

  • Intro to wedding photography1m 57s
  • Why shoot weddings?5m 49s
  • Identifying the goals of your photographs3m 43s
  • Preplanning the photography of the event4m 17s
  • Reviewing essential gear4m 31s
  • Looking at specialty gear3m 4s
  • Exploring other gear tips2m 37s
  • Showing up early and starting right away3m 56s
  • Creating the shots of the first family group4m 9s
  • Documenting the extended family4m 45s
  • Shooting the bridal party6m 23s
  • Documenting the groomsmen3m 4s
  • Making space for the bride and groom2m 43s
  • Looking for transitional shots3m 31s
  • Savoring the moments of the ceremony5m
  • Capturing the emotion after the ceremony2m 54s
  • Photographing the couple6m 22s
  • Photographing guests2m 25s
  • Capturing the details4m 31s
  • Staying hungry for the magic shots2m 2s
  • Documenting the events unfolding2m 36s
  • Having fun2m 58s
  • Exploring postproduction strategies1m 12s
  • Reviewing postproduction examples4m 39s
  • Delivering the wedding images1m 13s
  • Next steps1m 51s

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