Learning Web Audio and Video

Learning Web Audio and Video

Learning Web Audio and Video is an Intermediate level course on Developer, produced by the creator, Joseph Labrecque. This course is an important foundation for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Developer expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Developer, Web, Web Development, HTML, JavaScript, Developer, Web, Web Development, HTML and JavaScript.

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Author Joseph Labrecque
Publish Date 4/19/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 16m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 30
Last Update N/A

Need to share video or audio on your sites, but dropping it on YouTube or a podcasting engine isn’t an option? Native web technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—provide direct support for audio and video, letting you incorporate media and fully customize the playback experience. This introductory course with instructor Joseph Labrecque helps you build interactive audio and video into your websites and applications. First review the basics of HTML5 media elements and their attributes. Then discover how to embed media, support fallbacks, and adjust size, volume, and other important settings. Next, learn how to customize interfaces to standardize the look and functionality of your player across different browsers. Plus, find out how to make the user experience fully interactive with the HTML5 Media API.

Topics include:

  • Linking to media
  • Embedding media
  • Modifying your document for audio and video
  • Specifying audio sources
  • Specifying video height and width
  • Ensuring accessibility
  • Creating playback controls
  • Styling playback controls
  • Working with the HTML5 Media API

Learning Web Audio and Video : Video Lessons

  • Build interactive audio and video into your websites and applications56s
  • What you should know1m 7s
  • Use the exercise files48s
  • Set up your environment1m 53s
  • Create a new document2m 3s
  • Link to media content4m 36s
  • Use embedded media2m 5s
  • Modify your document for audio3m 9s
  • Specify an audio source1m 30s
  • Specify multiple audio sources3m 7s
  • Include fallback content1m 21s
  • Additional audio attributes3m 36s
  • Modify your document for video1m 3s
  • Specify height and width1m 38s
  • Use a poster image2m 11s
  • Media accessibility3m 10s
  • Disable default media controls1m 32s
  • Add playback buttons1m 53s
  • Include text elements2m 29s
  • Create a progress bar1m 26s
  • Define CSS styles in a document1m 35s
  • Design your buttons3m 30s
  • Style your text5m 2s
  • Design your progress bar5m 13s
  • Overview of media API3m 29s
  • Listen for Media events4m 58s
  • Program button controls1m 23s
  • Dynamic time display4m 17s
  • Wire up the progress bar4m 45s
  • Further information36s

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