Learning V-Ray 3.0 for Blender

Learning V-Ray 3.0 for Blender

Learning V-Ray 3.0 for Blender is an Intermediate level study on 3D + Animation, created by the creator, Brian Bradley. This study is an important step for a person who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, CAD, Photography, Lighting, Video, Materials, Rendering, Blender, V-Ray, 3D + Animation, CAD, Photography, Lighting, Video, Materials, Rendering, Blender and V-Ray.

Free Download - Learning V-Ray 3.0 for Blender
Author Brian Bradley
Publish Date 10/7/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 35m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 44
Last Update N/A

V-Ray for Blender combines V-Ray’s flexibility and unprecedented speed with one of the world’s most famous open-source 3D applications. Build your rendering skills while you learn new tools for expanding your creative possibilities, in this course on V-Ray 3.0, the most recent version of this powerful lighting and rendering plugin. Brian Bradley introduces V-Ray’s lighting tools for natural-looking daylight and artificial illumination, the Global Illumination system, and the Physical Camera, which gives you real-world parameters for camera control (such as f-stop and focal length). Then learn how to use V-Ray’s texturing tools to build realistic surfaces, including diffuse, reflective, and refractive surfaces. Last but not least, explore V-Ray’s sampling controls for adjusting the quality of your final renders.

Topics include:

  • Getting comfortable with the V-Ray interface
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: Sun, Sky, Spot, and more
  • Using irradiance mapping and global illumination
  • Working with the Physical Camera
  • Using V-Ray materials
  • Controlling quality with image sampling and the different engines

Learning V-Ray 3.0 for Blender : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 48s
  • Software versions used1m 38s
  • What you should know before watching this course52s
  • Using the exercise files1m 3s
  • Gamma handling and color management1m 31s
  • Using Intel Embree1m 50s
  • A word about HDRIs55s
  • Getting V-Ray up and running1m 25s
  • Locating V-Ray tools and features in the UI3m 28s
  • Using the Quick Settings feature3m 57s
  • Overview of V-Ray frame buffer controls4m 13s
  • VFB history controls4m
  • Understanding subdivs2m 39s
  • Overview of color mapping5m 31s
  • What the color mapping modes do5m 31s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: Sun3m 23s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: Sky4m 2s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: Spot5m 19s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: IES4m 31s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: Hemi4m 50s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: Area4m 23s
  • Exploring V-Ray light types: IBL4m 16s
  • Using irradiance mapping: Part 14m 48s
  • Using irradiance mapping: Part 25m 34s
  • Working with the light cache3m 34s
  • Applying brute force GI4m 24s
  • Overview of the V-Ray Physical Camera5m 4s
  • Understanding the exposure controls4m 26s
  • Handling perspective correction2m 36s
  • Setting up a depth of field effect3m 57s
  • Working with motion blur2m 48s
  • Introduction to V-Ray materials in Blender3m 32s
  • Creating diffuse color4m 56s
  • Adding reflectivity to a material3m 50s
  • Making a clear glass material3m 31s
  • Creating colored and frosted glass4m 11s
  • Using the VRmat format2m 34s
  • The Progressive sampler4m 4s
  • Working with the Adaptive Subdivision engine4m 22s
  • How to use the Adaptive DMC engine3m 41s
  • Using the Fixed Rate engine3m 34s
  • Using the "universal" settings approach4m 2s
  • Vlado's preferred methods for sampling3m 52s
  • What next?1m 9s

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